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    Post [ROM][GTS4LVWIFI][10]LuisROM Android 10 based on crDroid V6.x

    did that and was stuck in the CrDroid boot animation ;) I just needed to format data before Installing the ROM as others have said in the thread ;) very nice ROM by the way :) ... only "issue" I found so far is that when it goes to sleep it will go in portrait mode even when my S5e is in...
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    Post Instal TWRP without a P.C. for Galaxy Tab S5e (SM-T720) keeping stock ROM.

    I don t know what I did wrong but I was stuck at the above logo (I did format & wipe though). First I was worried because I didn t know how to power my s5e down but I discovered you need to press "volume down + power button" ... went to download mode & reflashed original ROM with Odin ... and...
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    Post [APP][4.1+] Kiwi Browser? Chromium + Adblock + CAF + Night Mode 2020-04-17|Active

    did you find where to donate ? I didn t find either ...
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    Post Instal TWRP without a P.C. for Galaxy Tab S5e (SM-T720) keeping stock ROM.

    thanks for this guide ! I ve just got my s5e and rooted it yesterday but I must say I am a little bit confused by the vbmeta.tar for the vbmeta partition ... apparently it's needed only if you are non root ... but it's recommended in the crDroid thread ... so I think I am going to use your...
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    Post Is the WiFi issue real?

    wow I ve put it on 5ghz since this morning and no wifi disconnexion ... hope it will keep working ...
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    Post Is the WiFi issue real?

    I also have the wifi signal dropping issue on mine (just received it yesterday) ... ... anybody has some info on this "Xiaomi Mi Mix as a retranslator for WiFi signal" ?? thanks !
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    Thread bkb50 keyboard with a firm hinge and a touchpad for the galaxy tab s5e

    I ve just received my s5e ;) ... working fine with my old BKB50 keyboard :) (from my old Xperiab Tab Z4) (note : had to open and close the BKB50's hinge to be able to pair it to the s5e) Now I need to configure it as a german keyboard (got it for 50-60E last year on aliexpress as I gave my...
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    Post has the xda wiki disappeared ?

    thanks I have reasked the question on
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    Post Welcome to XDA 2021!

    no update on that issue ?? is the loss of the wiki pages definitive ?? (I have also asked the question in a separate topic : )
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    Thread has the xda wiki disappeared ?

    Hey Folks, has the xda wiki disappeared with the "new" forum software ?? I believe it was useful sometimes ... maybe it has moved somewhere else ? Thanks for feedback !
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    Post how to root tab s6 [sm-t860]

    With root you also get good performance with a Linux-Deployed linux distro : (if you are into linux ...) ;)
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    Post In depth review of the Lenovo Tab P11 and Tab P11 Pro

    someone has done it with unofficial twrp and magisk ... see (it s about P11 Pro although it's been posted in the P11 forum ...)
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    Post [APP] Linux Deploy

    I have a linux deploy-ed debian to "accelerate" my old laptop : ;) Only small issue I have is I have to keep the linux deploy app awake otherwise my non root...
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    Post termux (or linux deploy) on my Xperia 5 tripled the speed of this 12yo laptop ;)

    PS : much smoother in a real chroot ( linux deploy ) : ;)
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    Post [GUIDE][WIN10] Bootloader Unlock/Re-Lock, Rooting with Magisk and flashing Firmwares

    Great job with this guide ! Thank you Miustone ! I ve just offered you a beer for your great gift to the community :) Now that I am root I will enjoy a real chroot on my phone instead of proot (...