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  • Hey, great job with the testing. I just got my Diamond and I using Dutty v3.6b, but I want a Rom that has done most of the tweaks already included, like big buttons in texting/dialing #s, better speakphone, preventing the phone from goin black screen on calls, etc. etc.

    I wanted to ask your opinion on your fav rom to date, totally off the record.

    Keep up the excellent work.
    Hi, I Have a qustion please

    i have an O2 XDA STEALTH... i connected it to the Pc DADAAH ( it's connected )

    but whn i wont to sycronize SMS , EMAIL's , Scdual , EVERY THING exept FIles

    i dosnt mack me i cant press it it's lock.. WHY ?? i cheack the phone activesync the same contact's are locked ? why ?
    Dear Pietrucci,
    I wonder how you flashed with V6. I extracted the file and when I tried to execute DiamondCustomRUU it says "can not initialize" What might have gone wrong?
    He vraagje ik las dat jij de zelfde rom versie als mij hebt en wil ik vanavond de volgende tweaks gaan uitvoeren.

    1. Boost TFL3D Performance --> Using Advanced Config, change File system cache to 8mb and file system filter cache to 131072


    3. Wake Up on New SMS --> HKLM\Drivers\BuiltIn\RIL : DisableSMSWakeUpEvent <-- set to "1" by default. Change value to "0"

    Heb jij hier al enige ervaring mee voor onze ROM versie?
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