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  • Hi Pilot,

    I did not click the link after my donation. Is it possible to still get the star or in my case STARS. ;)
    Hi Pilot,

    I am new member to this site, I really like the way its evolving. I had certain issues with Asus p320. I need help to Upgrade to windows 6.5 and also need the link to download the upgrade.

    Hi! Sorry to disturb you.
    Could you please verify my account for posting links to outside websites.
    I started a thread (HD2 sense player bug) and wanted to post a video.
    someone who monitors the boards and makes sure that nobody is breaking the rules and the everyone experience isnt hampered by bad posters
    @ spymatt

    go to winmodevs.com and put ur question on the boards and u may get an answer
    PLZ Sombody can help me, i want install wm 6.1 on my PDA(Gigabyte Gsmart T600)
    but i'm ignorant ,i dont know how can do it.
    PLZ answer me :)
    Not sure if your using Duttys V2.3or not? But if you are you may be able to help me. I noticed an annoying bug which I've posted in the thread but no responses.

    I have restored programs tab and old start menu. If I enter the Programs Tab the 2 soft keys at the bottom are All Programs & Remove as normal. But if I click on any other tab, i.e. weather etc All Programs & Remove remain as the soft keys. A soft reset returns to them to normal i.e. New sms & Contacts in Home tab. Only problem is everytime I enter programs tab they return to All Programs and Remove and stay this way until I reset again!

    Rather annoying!!!
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