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    Most TWRP recoveries have fastbootd built in these days, if it's not built into the TWRP for Moto G Power ask your TWRP maintainer to include it and you'll be good to go
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    Post [GUIDE] [XT16XX] [BOOTLOGO] [How to create your very own Custom Bootlogo]

    @1chrome Hi, I have the Moto G8/G Fast XT2045-3, I've tried replacing the yellow and orange images as well as the logo_unlocked image in our logo.bin file, when I flashed it to both slots on my A/B device it changed the bootloader unlocked warning to yellow print on a black background, is there...
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    Post [Magisk & Guidance] Unlock 5Ghz wifi bands [G fast only]

    My stock rom for Moto G8/G Fast had this built into it, I had access to 5G access point out of the box, the custom roms I use all have it as well, so...
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    Post Bootloader unlocked warning
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    Post Unofficial TWRP (Testing)

    Hey @madbat99 Long time brother, the last Moto I had was also the G6 Play from Boost Mobile, I've since been through the Coolpad Legacy and now the LG Stylo 6, I bought the Moto G8/G Fast because I missed playing around with root and roms, if yall need help with anything or for troubleshooting...
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    Post Firmware flash commands?

    First of all you downloaded the wrong Stock firmware for the Boost Mobile version of that phone, Boost Mobile variant doesn't use RETUS Firmware, it uses the Boost firmware here...
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    Post Bootloader unlocked warning

    You can get it from your backup if you made one.
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    Post Android 10 on Moto g6 play

    The problem is with Android 10, until they find a way to fix it Magisk won't be able to be used until then.
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    Post Android 10 on Moto g6 play

    That's cool, I was just adding to the answer as to the number of os upgrades that Moto phones get, as far as Phh's android 10 you should be fine as long as you include vendor partition with your stock backup. ---------- Post added at 08:59 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:54 PM ----------...
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    Post ROMs that run on the G6 Play [GSI]

    Is there a way to get mobile data working on any of these GSI roms?? any one I've tried has phone calls and text messages working but no mobile data, even after replacing the apns-conf.xml with the one from Pie stock and even trying to configure the apn manually
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    Post Android 10 on Moto g6 play

    Answer 3: Motorola has already confirmed that the Moto G6 Play will only get one major OS upgrade, and being that we got Pie now that's all it will get unless a DEV figures out how to make a custom rom for Android 10.
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    Post Motorola Boot Logo (N/A Removed)

    Mayanknagpal.nm Can you explain the exact steps that you did to hide the N/A?? I have a Moto G6 Play that shows the N/A for boot logos even with ones that doesn't have white background
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    Post Moto G6 Play [Jeter][Aljeter] JeterPie [ROM] Updated 3.5.2020

    I installed this rom following the complete instructions but even though it said it couldn't mount userdata as data I still rebooted and it came up and I went through the setup restoring stuff from my Google cloud backup and it's running perfectly, I'm thinking that the updater-script has the...
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    Post Moto G6 Play [Jeter][Aljeter] JeterPie [ROM] Updated 3.5.2020

    That download says, isn't it supposed to be 118-41??