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    Post [N910G/F/T] RamROM V10 [VoLTE][S8/Note7 Apps]

    Need 3 minit battery for v10.
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    Post --

    Multiwindow working ???,
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    Post [6.0.1] Aurora / Norma Roms [N910/F/G/V/P/T]

    version 15 working fine on 910G facing only one problem when trying to use multiwindow Unfortunately, System UI has stopped. any solution ?
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    Post [N910G/F/T]Norma N7 Port V12/ Aurora N7 V5

    after updating super su error appear any solution ??
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    Post [30.01.17] Dr.Ketan ROM I LP/MM N5/N7 Port I Theme Store I Jio VoLTE

    after using M8 and M9 i think M6 is the master pieace..