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    Post Hulu not available in app store?

    If you email that address it kicks back and says that they no longer receive emails. They refer you to which has no useful answers.
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    Thread Hulu not available in app store?

    I haven't tried downloading Hulu for a while, but just got my ChromeCast and wanted to give it a shot. -It's not searchable in the app store from the device -If I go directly to the hulu app link on mobile, it says my device is not compatible -If I try to install it from, it...
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    Post Need help unlocking and rooting alcatel onetouch pixi glitz

    Any luck? Thinking of running out and grabbing one of these as a cheap mp3 player to leave in the car, would love to strip it down. What have you tried? King/Kingo? Vroot? Are those still legit methods?
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    Post Trying to root Kyocera Hydro Wave model C6740N

    Subbing 'cuz I just got it and want it rooted. How do I request it from Kingroot?
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    Post [Q] No ADB from Recovery, hesitant to wipe /data

    When I do "Format /Data" it wiped the OS. Am I missing something? Or am I only supposed to do "Wipe Data/Factory Reset?"
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    Thread [Q] No ADB from Recovery, hesitant to wipe /data

    I currently have CM10.2 on my DNA. I had soft-bricked my phone previously and recovered it using RUU; from there I did the CM10.2 install. I'd like to wipe my /data partition then push what's necessary to install CM11M8 because of the way it divides up the profiles, but I can't ADB from...
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    Thread [Q] Send text message directly from dialer? (CM10.2)

    Is it possible to send a text message to someone from the dialer in CM10.2? Open Dialer -> Enter Number -> ?????? Wasn't that possible in the stock ROM via the menu button or something, or am I remembering incorrectly?
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    Thread [Q] New 35it, browser and pandora crash constantly (memory issues?)

    I just got a 35it, brand new in the box off the shelf. Ran whatever out-of-the-box firmware update it needed and immediately started having issues. In my head should be the perfect device but I keep having problems that I think might be memory related. I know this isn't a "high end" device but...
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    Post (7.17.13) Team Venom Presents ViperDNA

    Tried that, but that kills it entirely and it doesn't kick back on when GPS is in use. ---------- Post added at 09:40 AM ---------- Previous post was at 09:38 AM ---------- Yes it does, and I am not the most observant individual in the world. Thanks!
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    Post [ITUTORIAL][FAQ]ViperDNA ROM Discussion

    GPS crosshair - display only on when GPS active? I switched from Newt's Sense 5 'cuz I was having some sound issues and figured while I was redoing everything, I may as well try some others out. This is a mighty fine ROM, very stable, lots of tweaks... good stuff. Got a question about the GPS...
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    Post (7.17.13) Team Venom Presents ViperDNA

    Moved to Support thread, my bad
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    Post [Q] Mic drops when holding phone with shoulder?

    I dropped and exploded my first DNA - so now I have a second (also used, same TWRP + NEWT ROM) - shockingly, this one doesn't crap out when I shoulder it.
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    Post [MOD] NOS M7 Mods *VVM, Vol Wake, Bat %, EQS, Stock Kernel

    Vol wake? Is the vol wake mod in this thread to "enable" volume wake, or "disable" volume wake? I'm trying to turn it off... I bought this phone used running newt's ROM and can't stand it (the volume button waking the phone)
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    Thread [Q] Disable volume wake?

    Never mind, figured it out.