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    Post Lg flash + lge h831 (canadian)

    Some models need their proper .dll file. Check Autoprime's thread I think those files are there
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    Thread H840 camera recording: "An error ocurred"

    I sincerely don't know what to do. I CAN take pictures normally, with stock camera or with instagram for example. BUT if I want to record a video it says that message without recording anything. It happens with ALL the cameras and apps. I did everything: A) Deleted Camera app cache and app data...
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    Post [ROM] [AOSP] [5.0.2] AOSPrime v0.6.4 | LG L Bello | Lollipop | D331 / D335 / D337

    Hello, how can I go back to the original .kdz file of this phone? I mean go back to the original LG lollipop version, i did successfuly install this version but i need to undo this process.
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    Post LG g5 h831 y ahora tiene bloqueo de red para latino america es posible desbloquear

    Consulta en el sitio de lg firmwares, a ver que te dicen. Quizas con cambiar el firmware se soluciona.
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    Post LG G5 Bootloop

    I have never had the experience to get a bootloop but my guess is that you have some driver problems, thats why its not well recognised by your computer. Try to check if there is a youtube tutorial with some links to the drivers related to the G5. Sorry if this isnt very helpful, but its the...
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    Post Lg g5 oreo upgrade

    So now I think there is a possibility for the H840 to get the update, right?
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    Post Backup all QuickMemo+ notes?

    You can use LG Backup too
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    Post Bye bye to image retention/ghosting

    Sometimes it goes off and you have to turn it on again, same happens if you restart the device. That is the bad point this app has.
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    Post LG G5 , Bang Olufsen HiFi Plus and Deezer HiFi account?

    I don't use Deezer but all I can say to you is that while using the module you wont have the chance to use any equalizer.
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    Post Lg g5 oreo upgrade

    Hello, does anybody know if the G5 SE h840 is going to get oreo?
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    Post Lg g5 oreo upgrade

    What is the model you have?
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    Post Lg g5 oreo upgrade

    Allright, android Pie is now official... We are still waiting for the previous one... Incredible.
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    Post Need h840 lineage os testers

    You have to go to lg firmwares site, download your G5's model .kdz("h840_v20a" for example), that is the Rom that you want to install. Then you have to use lg flash tool. Check youtube for tutorials, as i dont remember well the steps. The process is the same for basically every lg phone.
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    Post Problem with LTE/4G

    Im so sorry, i dont have much idea about the hidden menu