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    Post Question A working GCam for Motorola Edge 20 Pro?

    @peterdoherty : Did you also try some config with it? If yes, can you please let me know which one worked the best? I tried the Nikita one as well, but the photos are a little less bright by default...
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    Post Question Defect or normal - ultra wide raw quality

    Hi, I tried the Nikita's NGcam version that works on my Motorola Edge 20 Pro, but doesn't seem to save images in 108 MP on the rear or 32 MP on the front camera. Is there any GCam port that allows me to do that?
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    Thread Question A working GCam for Motorola Edge 20 Pro?

    Hi, I recently bought this device, but unfortunately, compared to my Pixel 3a, it's camera is really bad! Can someone please help me with a trustworthy GCam apk that works for it? Thank you! (There are quite a few websites for it but I don't know which ones to trust)
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    Post [MOD]Camera NX V7.4, Google Camera with Pixel features for Nexus2015

    Hi, Can you please let me know which one to install out of so many apks? I've tried a few, and either they don't just install, or crash immediately after install. I have the official 8.1 Oreo on my N6P (not rooted)
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    Post [Q] Wake me up in ten minutes

    No. I have different languages set for both and Google Now works perfectly. Also, the bug where setting any alarm after up to 6 hours would work and anything 7 hours wouldn't, appears to be fixed.
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    Thread A question about legality of AOSP derived phone with no Google services

    Hi all, One of my friends (an ardent iOS fan) claimed while arguing a few days back to me that "You can't make a phone with AOSP (pure Open source part of Android) which has Yahoo Mail as the default mail app, Bing as the default search engine and Google maps as the default maps app. That would...
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    Post How is your N5 Battery Life ?

    I'm having the huge battery drain problems with wi-fi as well ... when I sleep for 6 hours I my battery goes down to 40% from 100%. It's amazing how could Google ship it with this obvious problem.
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    Post Enable OK Google outside the USA

    Need the hotword for other English'es - Developers? I came here to say just this and found a thread. This is extremely disappointing. I use English(India) and it recognizes not only my accent, but Indian people perfectly well. But setting this takes away the 'OK Google' hotword feature...
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    Post [ROM] CM-10.2 | AOSP 4.3.1 Jellybean [KANG] [Oct-28]

    Or you can disable automatic app updates for only the Maps, so that everything else will still auto update except the 6.* version that we have.
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    Post [ROM] CM-10.2 | AOSP 4.3.1 Jellybean [KANG] [Oct-28]

    Yes. I checked, still glitchy. And I guess will remain until the legacy libs are fixed, which is probably not going to happen. :( ---------- Post added at 04:35 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:26 PM ---------- Anyone creating the new CM Account with the latest build? The only two...
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    Post Teamviewer QuickSupport now supports AOSP-based rooted ROMs (even non-Samsung!)

    Works out of box on my HTC Sensation, running CM 10.1 (Android 4.2.2) - and I installed it directly from the Play Store. It asked me for superuser rights and I granted it. Cool, I've always been waiting for this app! :)
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    Post [ROM] CM-10.1 AOSP 4.2.2 Jellybean [KANG] [Aug-6]

    ^ Same here. Why would someone be ridiculed for not knowing "why is there an update being shown on the goomanager, but not on this page". This is a valid question, and I don't think it's that stupid.
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    Post [ROM] CM-10.1 AOSP 4.2.2 Jellybean [KANG] [Aug-6]

    So we get a CM 10.2 update in CM 10.1 ROM, without anything being mentioned in the change log, without any hint whatsoever that it might be broken, camera wouldn't work, etc. , and people are still doing double facepalm on that? Interesting.
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    Post [HELP THREAD] HTC Sensation | Ask any question | Noob friendly.

    Thank you malybru and everyone else who helped, I could safely format everything and install the new ROM. And the problems I was facing have been solved !! :good: :D
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    Post [HELP THREAD] HTC Sensation | Ask any question | Noob friendly.

    Hi ... Thanks very much for the reply. Yes, I have taken a SD card backup on my computer (all photos, music, media etc.), and also taken a NANDROID backup of the current state of the phone. So by choosing Format all partitions except SD card, isn't it that it won't touch the SD card at all? I...