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    Post [ROOT] iOS 14.6 emojis (Google,JoyPixels,EmojiDex,FaceBook,Samsung,Twemoji,Windows)

    It's not in the Playstore. Where can it be downloaded?
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    Post [Custom] [GApps] NikGApps [ARM64] [4th Aug 2021]

    Hey Nik i need help please. I have a Redmi 7 onclite, when i flash the rom, your gapps and magisk (in that order) the phone doesn't pass the bootlogo, the screen flash and it takes me back to the recovery again... What im doing wrong? Im just doing what I do with every other Gapps package. PD...
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    Post [ROOT] iOS 14.6 emojis (Google,JoyPixels,EmojiDex,FaceBook,Samsung,Twemoji,Windows)

    Man, thank you for the app. I was looking to something like this for a long time and finally found it. I know the hard work that you all put in it but I can't donate cause I'm poor lol, just want to say thank u 🤍
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL] PixysOS v4.0.11 [Android 11] 21/09/2021

    Hi, I have been testing the rom a couple hours and everything is fine. The only issue that i have is the haptic feedback when I unlock it using the fingerprint, theres no way to disable it, not even disabling the ''Touch vibration'' option that disables haptic feedback in the rest of actions. If...