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    Post Hex themes work!

    Interested in what Nova looks like.
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    Thread Need Surface Duo support!

    Anyone know if possible? I did email Nova and they emailed back saying: 'Google hasn't released API's for dual screen and Microsoft certainly won't open up their API's as they do that to force you to use their launcher on their devices.' But aren’t all the APIs here...
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    Post [BSKO] Galaxy S10 (SM-G97xF) OFFICIAL OneUI2/10 (NO ROOT/CUSTOM ROM TALK!!!)

    Yes I already tried that via adb and it didn't work. Edit Actually I don't think I tried the last command. Will try that So that changed it for you on the beta 4 so that it's always black? EDIT 2 Tried your commands and nope still white on home screen. Actually am using Nova - not sure...
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    Post [BSKO] Galaxy S10 (SM-G97xF) OFFICIAL OneUI2/10 (NO ROOT/CUSTOM ROM TALK!!!)

    My navbar on the home screen is white - any way to make it black? Have tried usual adb methods via different apps and nothing changes it from white.
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    Post [BSKO] Galaxy S10 (SM-G97xF) OFFICIAL OneUI2/10 (NO ROOT/CUSTOM ROM TALK!!!)

    And that's also not 100% true. Beta1 never worked with Nova for gestures properly. It did work with Lawnchair - and still does i believe with all betas - because it's a fork of the google launcher.
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    Post [Beta V5 - almost Bug free] S10 plus One UI 2.0 Official Beta

    Is there a download of the beta v3 released today?
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    Thread Can anyone see if comes up as the mobile version on Android 10 beta?

    Installed the new android 10 beta. All ok except one thing - no matter which browser i use it will not render as anything other than as looking like a desktop version and not mobile version. Can anyone try who is on the Android 10 Beta and go to on any browser and see...
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    Post Bugs found in Oneui 2.0 Android 10 Beta

    In Settings under Display it should have 'Screen Resolution'. In mine it is not there at all. Anyone else?
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    Post [BSKO] Galaxy S10 (SM-G97xF) OFFICIAL OneUI2/10 (NO ROOT/CUSTOM ROM TALK!!!)

    For those with status 7 errors, i fixed mine by updating to the latest October firmware. After i did that via Odin, the beta installed via ADB.
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    Post How to fix "E:Error in /sideload/ (status 7) installation aborted.#1

    Well that's helpful - thanks Kevin! Ok for me i fixed it by updating to the latest firmware - the October one - by Odin. After that it worked.
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    Thread How to fix "E:Error in /sideload/ (status 7) installation aborted.#1

    Saw this come up a LOT on the beta threads. Thought it best to consolidate it here. Unsure how to fix it - certainly there are web pages about this suggesting it is because of a modified rooted system however most people aren't rooted so that's now it. Anyone have a solution that works for...
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    Thread [APR] G973FXXU1ASD5 Samsung update - night mode, pocket mode & touch optimisation

    Firmware: G973FXXU1ASD5 Quickest way to download is to install this program: Install Samfirm - the latest one you can still download - it still works great. Then put in model - mine is SM-G973F and...