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    Post No voicemail notification since updating to Oreo stable

    Damn! Same thing here. Updated my OP3 to Oreo and my voicemails notifications are gone. Network : Free (FR)
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    Post [Q] unknown error -504 during install

    No solution but same unknown error here. I'm on Nexus 5 and android M Dev preview 2. It happens at the end of the Google Chrome app download while installing onto the device. Clean everything I can but no luck so far.
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    Post [CENTRAL] CF-Auto-Root

    Developer preview Hey Folks ! Does anybody here try to root a nexus (4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 whatever) running Android M (DevPrev) ? Couple of weeks ago I did a CFAR on 5.1 with the CFAR 5.0 (it works !), now that I'm on 5.? (M...) I was wondering if someone here could confirm that the 5.0 CFAR...
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    Post [APP][TV5.0+][2015.03.10] Sideload Launcher for Android TV v1.05

    thanks mate! Thanks a lot for this helpful app ! Popcorn addict best friend ;) running great on freebox mini 4K. Is there a github repo or something ? I'd love to help or fork with a slightly UI enhancement
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    Post [APP][2.3+] WhatWhat

    Hey ! Thanks for the feedback guys! If any of you US guys has been testing #WhatWhat lately, can we have a feedback on what is wrong or any bug you might have noticed ? Thanks :)
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    Post [APP-FR][4.0+] O'Ciney

    That's why we need to use another API since we're unfortunately kinda slave of that web service reply. And we need to know hours of movies if it is 3D or else. We will have to ask every movie theater that want to be on o'ciney and plug us to their info. Tricky, but not impossible ;) Sent from...
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    Post [APP-FR][4.0+] O'Ciney

    We'd love to do it for them :) if only they can read this. spam them with a little message about how much you want them to upgrade their app with our skills lol. Yep AlloCine's API. John Travolta was part of the cast on that movie mate lol look at the upper left corner he is ..the lady :) (is...
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    Post [APP-FR][4.0+] O'Ciney

    Yep we put it here since we also have some French friends out here and also foreign folks with inquiring mind :) But don't worry folks we also made a Worldwide application called Whatwhat that can be found here :) Thanks a lot for your kind feedbacks hope you'll love it like we do :) Sent from...
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    Thread [APP][2.3+] WhatWhat

    Hey folks ! It's been a long time ! But you know, work, stuff, stuff, work... But hey anyway, I came here to talk to you about a new app we just create. Developped by Florent C. and Kévin DJF, designed by me. Let me introduce you : WhatWhat The idea is quite simple : - Tell the app...
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    Post [APP-FR][4.0+] O'Ciney

    Hey NeBouse :) Thanks for your kind words it means a lot for us. We have to check our todo list and we will update asap the apk on the play store. Update is coming ^^ Thanks again and do not hesitate to share ;)
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    Thread [APP-FR][4.0+] O'Ciney

    Hey Folks ! Just to let you know that I participated on a new french app with 2 of my dev buddies called O'Ciney App is for Movies addict (looking for a "now playing movie", some hours or movie theater nearby). We tried to add a Movie theater mood to the app and work hard on the UX, I know it...
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    Post [UCCW] My skinz

    I have been quite busy these month change of job working on android code learning I will update iconpack with help of some devs friends of mine. I am the first frustrated here lol things are coming...
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    Post [UCCW] My skinz

    Hey mate ! This skin is available on my website :) :)
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1_r13] XenonHD Stable 2.0 Build 8 (20.08.15)

    Funny, I find LMT ugly and the old pie much UX friendly and responsive :)
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    Post [ROM] [4.4.4] [OFFICIAL] ParanoidAndroid 4.6

    Display > wallpaper > lockscreen Sent from my toilets