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    Post UNOFFICIAL Ubuntu Touch for Redmi 4X (santoni)

    could you pls update it to the last version ?
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    Post best gcam mod for redmi note 8

    best gcam that I use till now MGC_7.2.014_Parrot043-v3.apk (Parrot043, 2020-01-17, configs, changelog)
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    Post Photo quality

    Google it, Dude, it's really easy I promise you
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    Post Photo quality

    gcam is a miracle, so u don't know how to use a smartphone as a smart people
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    Post [ROM][BETA][10.0][tiffany] Pixel Experience [AOSP][2019/12/15] twrp upto 3.2 dont use a1to5x
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    Post [ROM][10][SAKURA] Pixel Experience [OFFICIAL][AOSP]

    I have the same issue both input and output had the problem recording and sounds are in a really big problem
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    Post [ROM] [10.0] [TIFFANY] [OFFICIAL] Evolution X 4.1 [AOSP] [24/02/20]

    Bug Report version 3.2 : Google keeps crash and FC on startup wizard after try to setup an assistant !! cant edit quick setting, system UI crash !! battery usage is not cool enough as version 3.0 and I have a very bad battery drain !! after first install I just have 8GB out of 64GB on internal...
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    Post [ROM] [10.0] [TIFFANY] [OFFICIAL] Evolution X 4.1 [AOSP] [24/02/20]

    you don't need to flash those files just update to the last MIUI from fastboot without lock bootloader then try to instal new TWRP 3.3 and then flash the ROM
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    Post [ROM] [10.0] [TIFFANY] [OFFICIAL] Evolution X 4.1 [AOSP] [24/02/20]

    finally, I found the solution my TWRP was outdated and I just realize that when trying to search for new version on 4pda
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    Post [ROM] [10.0] [TIFFANY] [OFFICIAL] Evolution X 4.1 [AOSP] [24/02/20]

    Google it ;) The ROM’s updater script file called "Asserts" is a safety mechanism. It checks the device’s model and version and the custom Rom version by the system variable getting from the Recovery. If the codes are matched, it permits installation. Otherwise it prohibits...
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    Post [ROM] [10.0] [TIFFANY] [OFFICIAL] Evolution X 4.1 [AOSP] [24/02/20]

    don't flash 19.5 flash this one :fingers-crossed: last stable until 2/Nov/2019
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    Post [ROM][BETA][10.0][tiffany] Pixel Experience [AOSP][2019/12/15]

    Come on Just a little attention :fingers-crossed: Fix :
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    Post [ROM] [10.0] [TIFFANY] [OFFICIAL] Evolution X 4.1 [AOSP] [24/02/20]

    nothing yet not a serious bug I just share my experience in post 5 everything works but the ROM is a little bit laggy :fingers-crossed: