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    Thread Stuck on Fastboot and any commands returns to fastboot mode

    Screwed up my Realme Pro 6 by upgrading to V11 and 2UI, and then trying to downgrade by flashing an earlier version of TWRP with the idea of restoring a backup of an earlier version of the V10. The phone loops back to fastboot mode after any command that is given from my PC with "fastboot flash...
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    Post Return to Stock ROM from Custom

    Used Realme Flash Tool to fix this. Had to use it twice, and the process worked well both times. Gave a donation, as it was a huge help to avoid more time-consuming methods, even if they are out there.
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    Thread Return to Stock ROM from Custom

    Had a TWRP backup of my 2063 ROM (Russian), tested it by restoring and all was well. Installed and tried out 2 custom ROMS ( Bliss, MSM Extended ), wanted to return to original Realme 6 Pro ROM; after wiping cache, formating data, tried to restore with my good TWRP backup and the dreaded...
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    Post Scheduled Power on and Power Off

    I'm sorry, I feel so stupid. I asked this question last November and received a reply then. I've just ordered the Global version of this phone, and I hope I remember that I did and don't order it again. Sorry for wasting anyone's time.:eek:
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    Thread Scheduled Power on and Power Off

    Does Realme 6 Pro have scheduled Power on and Power Off? Handy feature not available on most phones. Thanks.
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    Post Autostart Power On and Power Off

    Thank you for your reply. I use it daily, and not many phones have this process. Thanks again.
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    Thread Autostart Power On and Power Off

    Does RM6P have scheduled Power On and scheduled Power Off?
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    Post Multitasking/RAM

    Just tried Taskbar from Google Play and listened to a podcast with freeform windows while on another app, not possible before this. No 2nd space, just this app. Almost Windows-like multitasking Nice!!
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    Post Downgrade MIUI

    Can't give you the web page, but there are more than 1 to give help (for money), and you can be vulnerable to cheats and viruses. My guy was in the Ukraine, very honest and helped me more than once. Just Google with different words until you find what you need. Could take some time, just be...
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    Post Downgrade MIUI

    When I tried to use MIFlash to do this, it just returned an error without bricking the device. However, I bricked my RN8P anyway with foolish persistence and paid $26 US to have it restored to MIUI V10.4.2.0 from some installed V11 (don't have it on my PC), after trying to downgrade with TWRP...
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    Post RN8P unknown baseband version

    Ok, ok. Not sure how I did not stumble accross this before, or, more likely, not paid attention to this procedure . I choose to use RN8P with Miui V10.4.2.0 ROM. Gives me the most flexibility. Later Android versions restrict my wants, including using TWRP - just a personal opinion; yours may...
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    Post RN8P unknown baseband version

    Thank you Coffeemi, wang1chung and of course Crescendo Xenomorph. You've all paid attention to this problem, and it is very much appreciated.:o
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    Post RN8P unknown baseband version

    Thank you fellow Canadian :good:; I will try this as well. So great to have all these suggestions from people who know a hell of a lot more than I do. Thank you both Coffeemi and wang1chung.
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    Post RN8P unknown baseband version

    I have NOT "properly saved a backup file" with the modem partitions, and that is where my trouble lies. I am also not being reminded to set the SIM card info when booting up after flashing the stock ROM, which is strange, because a week ago I was able to go back-and-forth between my...
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    Post RN8P unknown baseband version

    I always find out something new. Thank you. No mount NVRAM partition. As far as mount, I thought that SYSTEM partition was always auto-mounted. Not so, it is DATA and CACHE. I have backed-up and restored with this understanding. My bad, again. Also LR. TWRP is the 1104 version, my goto...