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Recent content by pramodppd

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    Thread Question New update change Log 12.5.648 Chinese version

    Game experience Optimize one-click super performance Optimize the occasional touch screen no response problem in the game Optimize system on-site vibration plan and game preset conflict problem Fix the problem of automatic restoration of the enhanced display in the rescuer assistant System...
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    Post Question Chinese rom

    This is the China Rom are called Lenovo Legion 2 pro. Even the seller in aliexpress i asked for global rom as per them they have not released for public till now. Whatever available outside is China rom. Iam using the Legion 2 pro with China rom. On that website if model number mentioned is...
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    Post Question Chinese rom

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    Thread Question Video call Quality

    On whatsapp call the clarity of the image(video call) is horrible in Lenovo legion 2 pro chinese rom, do you guys have any solution
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    Post Question Lenovo Legion Phone Duel 2 Global

    I do wonder, mine is Lenovo Legion 2 pro 16gb 512 gb with chinese rom how come duel 2 and pro 2 have same model number mine is also L70081. I believe yours might they installed global rom
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    Post Question CN to Global

    Anyone got the Global rom please share the link
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    Post Question China vs UK software difference.

    I want to know how to use both camera in the rear and feel the difference
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    Post Question How to make Nova default launcher?

    I installed Nova launcher and it is working fine but some time launcher is hanging. I want to get rid of this ZUI, it makes phone really hot and consume a lot of battery. I am using chinese rom and lenovo legion 2 pro 16gb 512gb Can any one tell without rooting how to get rid of ZUI Home
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    Post Smule application (Karaoke) vocal and lag issues

    It is perfectly working in ROG 2 and complaints is regarding complex features they introduced. Iam using ROG2 also latest smule update is working very fine
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    Thread Smule application (Karaoke) vocal and lag issues

    Smule application i can hear songs very clearly but when you join or start a duel crackling voice and video lag is coming. I thought issue with wired headset when i use Bluetooth headset also the issue persists. Its like dragging of voice and video. I checked in 60hz, 120 and 144hz, changed to...
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    Post İs there FM radio

    Thanks for the clarifications brother
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    Post İs there FM radio

    Thank you, i thought SD865 plus have fm radio. It can be used in all SD865 plus devices. Note 20 ultra 865+ us version have FM radio.
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    Post İs there FM radio

    I love FM radio, when i choose whatever phone i prefer with fm radio. As data is very costly in dubai comparing India. If anyone can help to install a fm radio in Asus rog 3 i can order that phone, i am currently using rog 2
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    Thread Any ways to install fm radio in ROG 3 in Global rom

    XDA Kings please help me to install fm radio on Asus ROG 3
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    Post İs there FM radio

    Legion duel doesn't have FM radio i cannot find the app thats why i returned that phone. Is there any way to install ROG 3 fm radio on global version