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    Post [DISCONTINUED][ROM][10.0][TISSOT][OFFICIAL] Evolution X | Quantum [09/12/2020]

    Ignore this as this is not exactly relevant and important. Our device doesn't support this feature
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][ROM][10.0][TISSOT][OFFICIAL] Evolution X | Quantum [09/12/2020]

    I apologize for any inconvenience caused by the lastest update. It has been fixed in the newest build that will be released in 10-20 minutes. Again sorry and I hope you enjoy the rom
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][ROM][10.0][TISSOT][OFFICIAL] Evolution X | Quantum [09/12/2020]

    New 06/23/2020 update out! The main feature of this update is the change of SELinux from permissive to enforcing and the buildtype from userdebug to user. Other changes can be found in the changelog
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][ROM][10.0][TISSOT][OFFICIAL] Evolution X | Quantum [09/12/2020]

    New build out in around 10 minutes Device changelog: -Blob updates (Thanks to Abhinavgupta371) -Kernel upstream/downstream to 4.9.220 (Thanks to Murtaza Piplod) -New Xiaomi Parts (Thanks to Murtaza Piplod) -Fix "Okay/Hey Boomer' I mean "Google" (Thanks to Abhinavgupta371) -Reduce battery drain...
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][ROM][10.0][TISSOT][OFFICIAL] Evolution X | Quantum [09/12/2020]

    Not ported to Q yet so I don't think that's possible at the moment. Try updating your firmware to the latest Unfortunately no chance for now, if you want to customize recents a little install lawnchair
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][ROM][10.0][TISSOT][OFFICIAL] Evolution X | Quantum [09/12/2020]

    Evolution X 3.5 update is out! Changelog === ROM === - Merged r18 from AOSP - Added ambient visualizer - Added Lockscreen album filters and blur - Added default color to visualizer - Added navbar toggle (DO NOT TURN ON ACCIDENTAL TOUCH WHILE USING THIS) - Added custom VOLTE icons - Allowed torch...
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][ROM][10.0][TISSOT][OFFICIAL] Evolution X | Quantum [09/12/2020]

    New build is out! Get it here! Changelog: - Add back developer setting to set the default GPU renderer - Add QCom BoostFramework support and add more additions from it - Add QS panel opacity options - Allow Skia Vulkan to be used as HW renderer - Bring back Gaming mode preferences (in Misc...
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    Post [DISCONTINUED][ROM][10.0][TISSOT][OFFICIAL] Evolution X | Quantum [09/12/2020]

    Reserved Hello everyone. As you have probably known, I've been the maintainer for Evo X for roughly more than 6 months at this point. But unfortunately due to lack of time and personal reasons I've decided to discontinue my maintainership. Thank you all for your constant support. Admins...
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    Thread [DISCONTINUED][ROM][10.0][TISSOT][OFFICIAL] Evolution X | Quantum [09/12/2020]

    Evolution X 4.7 for Mi A1 [tissot] /* * Your warranty is void. Or valid, probably? * * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, Ebolation X, * thermonuclear war, or the current economic crisis caused by you following * these directions. YOU are choosing to make these...
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    Post Xiaomi MI 9 vs. Huawei Mate 20 Pro photo comparison

    Thank you so much for this comparison! Which one do you think is better?
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    Post [KERNEL][TISSOT][4.9.y] Canting 4.6 [29/10/2019]

    khusika Do you have any idea about the flickering, apparently a lot of users face it including me
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    Post [ROM][PIE]Pixys-Os[TISSOT][OFFICIAL][2019/08/29]

    Are you guys taking feature requests? Well if yes I have couple things to suggest: swipe left and right on fingerprint, clock position and customization, custom carrier label and customization and more brightness levels
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    Post [ROM][9.0][TISSOT][UNOFFICIAL] Pixel Experience [AOSP]

    May I ask, is there copy from overview available?