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Recent content by prorecheto

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    Post Cannot flash any ROM on my Poco X3 NFC

    Thank you so much! I cannot say how much you have helped me. MY PHONE WORKS NOW. THANK YOU!!!
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    Thread Cannot flash any ROM on my Poco X3 NFC

    Hi guys, after an update today my phone got stuck into a boot loop and couldn't install the update. Somehow I have managed to get into TWRP. Now I encounter the following issue when trying to reinstall custom rom(this applies for every rom I tried to install- ArrowOS, PixelExperience, XiaomiEU)...
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    Post [ROM] [11.0.0] ArrowOS POCO X3 [OFFICIAL][SURYA][UNIFIED]

    Hi guys, after installing the newest update, it didn't go through. Now my phone is stuck in a boot loop and I don't have USB debugging enabled. When trying to format the data and reinstall the ROM I received the following error: Failed to mount '/product' (invalid argument). Is my phone...
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    Post Storytel app audiobook question (mp3 saved folder )

    Bro, could you share more information about unlimited free trials?