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  1. proyaz

    Post [ROM] [5.1.1] [TeamCanjica] CyanogenMod 12.1 #31 [10/8/15]

    Bluetooth calls issue I can connect and play audio songs via bluetooth in my car, but calls do not work via bluetooth... (same as the AOSP 4.4.4 roms)...
  2. proyaz

    Post [THEME][VRTHEME][9500/5][2Dec14]DOMINATION*v2.5* NJ AOSP*[AROMA]

    Download link for light 1.1 theme is not working The download link here is not working https://sites.google.com/site/vertumusworld/downloads/Themes/domination-light Only me or someone else facing the same problem ???
  3. proyaz

    Post [ROM] [Final][ML2 V7.3][JB4.3] WanamLite Fast | Clean & Rock Stable

    Im experiencing random freezes.. !! XXDLI1 Have to restart all the time..
  4. proyaz

    Post [ROM] [Final][ML2 V7.3][JB4.3] WanamLite Fast | Clean & Rock Stable

    Staying with ICS for now... A little note to the first time JB flashers.................. LH3 (ICS) is way toooooo better than LH8 (JB) .. !! I've been using JB roms for almost 2 weeks now and I just flashed LH3 again because no matter what, I was experiencing some or the other problems. I...
  5. proyaz

    Post [ROM] [Final][ML2 V7.3][JB4.3] WanamLite Fast | Clean & Rock Stable

    switch off your phone, remove mmc, switch it back on.. open gallery and music player and play with it for 2 minutes.. now switch it off, insert mmc, switch it on... Now open gallery and you will see all your images.. (Worked for me) Hit thanks if I helped you :o
  6. proyaz

    Post [ROM] [Final][ML2 V7.3][JB4.3] WanamLite Fast | Clean & Rock Stable

    +1 Although Im experiencing replicated folders in gallery and music.. I dont understand why.. Any solution for this ???
  7. proyaz

    Post [ROM][ICS 4.0.4][XXALF6] Lite'ning ROM v1.0 - Fast as Lightning

    WOW !! Downloading.. .. .. !! Best ROM (after wanamlite) according to me :)
  8. proyaz

    Post [ROM][07/06][LSW][4.1.2][V14.6] WanamLite Clean & Fast & Pure Stock Themed

    There is a pleasing way of addressing the developers here on xda.. !! And more over, I guess wanam has far great issues to solve rather than changing ur "ugly and bigger" icons mate.. ;)
  9. proyaz

    Post [Poll]What is the best ICS ROM for galaxy S2?

    WanamLite My favourite ROM is WanamLite !! I find it to be the most stable and working according to my needs :D
  10. proyaz

    Post Separate sub forums for ICS & GB

    I actually was thinking the same but, when ICS ROM gets officially released (probably in a few weeks), development will only be on ICS ROMs and GB ROMs will be a thing of the past. But still, I would love to see separate space for ICS ROMs...
  11. proyaz

    Post Official Indian GS2 Owner's Thread - views, reviews and more!!

    Touch screen sensitivity LOST in ICS is anyone experiencing this or am I the only one ??? It was all fine while using GB but from the time I am using ICS, I feel my touch screen sensitivity has been lost to some extent. Its the same with most of the ICS ROMs... ( Simplistic ICS, WanamLite...
  12. proyaz

    Post [ROM][9 MAR]CoreDroid HD V9.4|GB 2.3.5|SENSE 3.5|SUPER SMOOTH|LordMod KERNEL|ONLINE!

    Contacts are not getting synced when I connect my phone through usb (HTC sync). Im using V1.4 because I believe it to be faster than the V1.5 ROM because when I tested it using 'Long Bench' in Set CPU, I got around 450ms in V1.5 and in V1.4 Im getting around 350ms. So I guess V1.4 is faster...