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    Post Android Q

    i had 3 nav bar mode with system_navigation_keys_enabled 1 after OTA update, 3rd button won't work, and i could revert back either - play store launcher is dated and would force quit on me. thank you for posting the launcher, it saved me!! Another problem i'm experiencing is settings app is...
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    Post [Help Thread][Google Pixel 3 XL](2018) Ask Any Question, Noob Friendly

    what are the SKU & model numbers for 3XL that are shipped from Google Store. How can i make sure i'm not buying Verizon version. Here is the image from the seller: is this Verizon or Google store phone?
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    Thread Two phones using PP2/ "P" beta, same build - different Notification color.

    Two Pixel XL both on the latest DP2 Both using Nova launcher. one phone has notification in black, one in white-what gives. same color applies to volume rocker panel pop-up & shutdown/restart menu. Did i miss it somewhere in the settings? or this is a glitch? how can i change it to been black...
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    Post Unlocking all Samsung on Z3X Box for free

    SM-G935P, Sprint model, and i would like to use it oversees on gsm network. Looking forward for your PM. Thank you in advance.
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    Post Pixel XL 128GB : Random freezing/reboot issue

    128GB Toshiba UFS and Hynix DRAM. Non root'ed, completely stock. Happened twice so far since the ownership/late March. One random reboot during enabling GPS from pull down title, one time freeze/lockup during waking device and quickly switching into a chrome based browser(Brave) after which the...
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    Post Sim Unlock - International and Domestic :)

    Filled out the form, added you on Google Hangouts. Looking forward for your reply thank you.
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    Post [ROM] [6.0.1 r_61] Resurrection Remix v5.7.3][OFFICIAL]

    thank you for an awesome ROM. quick question: I tried using pico edition of opengapps 02/19 build with ResurrectionRemix 5.6.3 02/10 build and installation states incompatible ROM. UPDATE: got it figure out. was opengapp build problem, that particular build was recognizing ResurrectionRemix as...
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    Post Nexus 6 resale value

    payed 752.68 for 64GB 9 month ago. :eek: Had all Nexus phones except Samsung's Nexus S. :eek:
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    Post [ROM]【7.1.1】 N6F26U -【Stock】【Lite】- 03/14/2017

    Hi, i'm on 10/09 build, dirty flashing is ok to get to 10/14 build? -just wipe cache and dalvik in TWRP and then flash over new build? thanks in advance.
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1][SaberMod-5.2] Benzo Rom

    in past two builds, i experienced VoLTE on T-Mobile causes crackling/distributions in phone calls/headset speaker. or possibility of a combination of Bluetooth(broadcast & searching, not connected Bluetooth) & VoLTE causes in bad phone call quality, like an interference kind of crackling. above...
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1][SaberMod-5.2] Benzo Rom

    reason for not liking it is because i use multiple languages, and Cyrillic/Russian keyboard is still old style (4-row) : switching between two keyboard shifts everything up&down. up again once you go back English. and I also believe 4 row keyboard gives more view & more real estate of the...
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1][SaberMod-5.2] Benzo Rom

    sorry to bother, I might be the only one that doesn't like dedicated number row in AOSP keyboard-anyway we can edit the preference/settings and add checkbox or toggle switch, to give the users a choice to disable number row & have it the old way. thank you in advance. 06/20 build does indeed...
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1][SaberMod-5.2] Benzo Rom

    I would love to report bug(s) a proper way, how do I record or obtain LOGCAT when I'm experiencing a bug. thanks in advance & thank you for amazing work!! P.S.: xanaxdroid, do you use T-Mobile? and if so, is any chance you would interesting implementing WiFi calling from LYZ28E build?
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1][SaberMod-5.2] Benzo Rom

    05/20 build broke advance power options: doesn't show recovery option(tired enabled & disabling in developer options). build also introduced a bug when power menu pops-up and you don't want anything pressed and would like to just exit the menu by using navigation keys, it reboots the phone...
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    Post [ROM][5.1.1][SaberMod-5.2] Benzo Rom

    after installing 05/13 using Benzo OverTheAir. everything is working good except Benzo OverTheAir is now crashing =\ also is the possible to give an option for users to change notifications design back to square boarder design rather than a round design.