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    Post Unlocked on T-Mobile

    There was a recent update for T-mobile that allows the use of eSIM on this device. So far, this is the only functionality I haven't been able to use on the unlocked version of the N20U.
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    Post Why I already sent my Note 20 Ultra back!

    I'm personally enjoying the N20U. Its obviously not perfect, but all in all its a well-rounded high-end phone. I definitely notice the difference between 120hz and 60hz (I have 144hz monitors, so its closer to what I'm used to) and the 9ms on the s-pen is a really nice improvement. I was also...
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    Post Samsung is still offering free earbuds with the Galaxy Note 20

    After 3 unsuccessful attempts in chat and 2+ hour wait time for a call bad, I used the SMS support and they immediately were able to assist. IMO SMS is the easiest method for this.
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    Post What is the best case you will recommend for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

    Spigen Liquid Air is 40% off on Amazon ($11.99). Loving it so far. It's very slim, provides decent grip, edge bump at top and bottom for screen protection, and solid fit/cutouts. Perfect case to protect my N20U at the start and at a great price in case I decide to switch to another once more...
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    Post best thin case note 20 ultra with grip

    The "Air" series cases generally don't rise above the screen. They do have a thicker "Pro" series option with a raised lip to protect the screen, bumpers on the corners, etc.
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    Post best thin case note 20 ultra with grip

    From what I've seen so far: 1. Spigen Liquid Air - Seems to have some good grip potential, especially with ridges on the sides. However, the gap around the camera bump is an interesting design choice... 2. Samsung OEM Matte Black Silicone Case - Seems to have a decent grip on the matte finish...
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    Post Doesn't sit properly on Samsung Wireless Charging stand

    Doesn't sit flat, but it still fast-charges so it shouldn't be too much of an issue. For those that use a case that raises the back to the camera bump, it can help to make even contact.
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    Post Visual Voicemail for unlocked U1

    Transferred Tmo VVM app via Smart Switch from previous S10+. Working fine on unlocked N20+
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    Post Man i messed up! I bought a note 20 ultra from the us.

    It feels like we're at a point where if you want to root, you just shouldn't get a flagship device. I actually haven't had an issue recently without root since most features that used to be 'missing' are now stock or easily available via 3rd party apps. Even package disablers and button...
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    Post Galaxy S7 (regular model) "Edge-to-edge" glass screen protectors ***Updated 3/24***

    Just wanted to chime in. Recently purchased a CoralGuard Glass Pro Plus kit for my S7. It went on easily, but the adhesion is terrible. I had a hell of a time getting the glass to stop making loud tacky sounds when pressed in certain areas. And when I try to put any screen protector on (even my...
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    Post Anyone have bad data service in the Seattle WA area today?

    I was streaming on milk music all day at work in West Seattle and my connection dropped a few times. Wasn't sure if it was the app or something funky with my connection since I just started using it recently...
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    Post Whats the best Case for S4

    Easily the best case. Speck Candyshell Grip Got mine the first day this phone was released. It's a thing of beauty and has great build quality.
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    Post [ROM][4.4.4] SlimKat Final 9.0

    Haha, I didn't even know about this. I think I'll use this now. Thanks!
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    Post [ROM][4.4.4] SlimKat Final 9.0

    Root Access Flashed the latest the other night. Root access was disabled in dev settings by default? Is this on purpose? Otherwise, the phone app showed as a black screen when I received a call the other day. I was able to answer the call since actions still worked on the screen, it just...
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    Post [ROM] Unofficial Carbon Kitkat [4.4.2][jfltetmo] 02/24

    Usually a dialogue popup will appear when you attempt to text those types of numbers saying (may incur additional charges) Maybe that's missing and causes the crash? Idk. Thanks for the quick response. Love your work here. :)