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    Post [Q] a BRAND NEW kind of charging problem

    Back with worse news. Just replaced my wife's micro USB port on her i9250 GNex, and.... same thing. Still won't charge, computer recognizes it. Now I'm completely baffled. Thought for a moment that maybe I had been such a fool as to have put back in the old port, but unfortunately, it wasn't my...
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    Post [Q] a BRAND NEW kind of charging problem

    Yup. Just this moment after a really really really close examination of the port and comparing it to my own phone, one tiny half a millimeter peice of metal is bent out of place and broken. Gotta order a new port ASAP and try and change it. Thanks mate! But hey, look at the bright side... a...
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    Thread [Q] a BRAND NEW kind of charging problem

    Before everyone starts accusing me of not running a simple search, take it easy, been done. And yet, nothing to help me on the matter. So here's the thing: Her phone won't charge. Not when plugged into the wall, BUT when I plug her phone into the computer it is recognized and allows file...
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    Post Navigation bar and pie control doesn't work at bottom of screen

    Had the same thing happening on my mothers N4. Been searching and it seems to be a hardware issue. Something got screwed up over time in the digitizer on a lot of N4's lately, and switching ROMs, wiping and so on doesn't work. Sorry, bro.
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    Post [Q] Changing Google Now HotWord [Dev Help] needed!

    JARVIS option exists, no modding required! Umm... That's actually an Easter Egg. You CAN say "OK Jarvis" instead of "OK Google". Give it a try :cool:
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    Post KitKat will support Host Card Emulation

    This is what I was wondering as well... tried endlessly searching apps or even figuring out how to do it on my own.Everything was a dead-end, always returning to that damned secure element. Does anyone know if there's any hope?
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    Post Ear piece question

    Probably, looks the same, but why take the chance? Been a while since I've posted, but I'm pretty sure there is some rule against me posting a specific item for sale. A quick search on eBay will give you many options for an original i9250 earpiece, top-rated sellers and all. (If you want a link...
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    Post Question about SlimKat rom

    Brilliant monologue.
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    Post [Q] hi there

    Clockworkmod (or for short CWM) recovery is a custom recover, and not the stock recovery that comes with the phone. In order to get into recovery mode, when the phone is off, press and hold down the buttons volume up+volume down+power button, and you will now be in what is called the bootloader...
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    Post [Q] hi there

    Sounds like that may be the issue, and if you take care of this, it should probably fix your problem. Try out this link and follow the guide here: If that doesn't work, let me know and we'll try something else out to fix the problem.
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    Post [Q] hi there

    Did you root your phone, install a custom recovery, anything? Or is this exactly how you got your phone?
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    Post [Q] hi there

    Please provide a bit more information, such as what have you done with your phone... What ROM are you running? Stock? If you have clockworkmod recovery installed (and it seems you do) instead of stock recovery, you can't get an OTA update by pressing 'system update'. You need to be completly on...
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    Post [Q] hi there

    Seems to me you've flashed a custom ROM but didn't flash a gapps package, or something went screwy when flashing gapps. Make sure you have the correct version of gapps which is compatible with your ROM, and try re-flashing
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    Post Android app for calls internationally?

    Just talked to my companies customer service, and you're right. I wasn't aware of that. You do need an Israeli ID number and address. After discussing it with the rep, if you have someone in Israel who you can purchase the card just under his name and address, then you're good to go. You won't...
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    Post Best Device Tracking app?

    +1 Cerberus. Also, it will survive a factory reset/data wipe if your phone is rooted. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using xda app-developers app