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    Post Development [ROM][11.0][vayu/bhima] Pixel Plus UI Poco X3 Pro [OFFICIAL][AOSP]

    Another bug is that when the volte function is on, incoming connections are misidentified. Instead of the caller's number, it shows both numbers combined into one, so the number is displayed as foreign.
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    Post Development [ROM][11.0][vayu/bhima] Pixel Plus UI Poco X3 Pro [OFFICIAL][AOSP]

    Problem with fast charging, the Vo WiFi icon overlaps with the mobile network coverage icon, the battery usage statistics do not show complete information, such as battery consumption by the screen.
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    Post Development [ROM][11.0][vayu/bhima] Pixel Plus UI Poco X3 Pro [OFFICIAL][AOSP]

    Great firmware, I am surprised by such a low interest in the subject.
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    Post [A700][ROM] iconiaN 2.6 (Jelly Bean 4.1.1) Fully rooted

    link is dead.Please upload
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    Post [Q] Way to repartition

    write in fastboot "fastboot format userdata" not erase just format.fastboot take a information from bootloader and create new partition :)
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    Post [Q] flash boot.img problem with terminal emulator wt19i

    sorry my stupid keyboard,im talking about sony live with walkman wt19i not iphone.i must flash boot.img from phone.my pc is crash
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    Thread [Q] flash boot.img problem with terminal emulator wt19i

    Hello.please help how to flash boot.img from iphone with terminal emulator.Live with Walkman wt19i
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    Post [ROM][Neo V][JB 4.1.2] Super Jelly Bean™ 8.0 (Perfection)(kitkat themed) [20 Nov'13]

    Network signal problem hello i have a problem with signal icon in statusbar when sms sending or something random the icon signal is gone (disconnect) +- 0,5s.sory of my bad english
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    Post [ROM][AOSP][4.3.1][A3][Unofficial] LiquidSmooth v2.12 (21-Oct-2013)

    flash rom problem i have a problem rom flashing.when install last version cwm error update script.any rom no problem flashing.
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    Post [PATCH] True Tablet UI (Apps+GUI) w/o DPI Change for Stock & CM10 - Update Oct11 2012

    i'm use tabletizer alpha4 and work fine on cm 10.2,but some icons is too small on status bar
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    Post [ROM] [Nov 1][4.3.1][SmoothROM v5.3]Smoothest ROM-Deodex-Zipalign-Tablet UI-Stable

    please upload your lagfix, i'm searching on forum and not find(sorry for my bad english)
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    Post [CM10] v10 + kernel v22 Native SoftCamcorder

    for me its great rom.but wifi something disconected, and when i use internet 3g text message not delivery to me. sorry for my english
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    Post [X50V] ROM WM6.5 Lite Classic (WWE) - optimized for a 64 M device

    WM6.5.x Classic lite(21876) WWE Roms (5574) 5.2.21876 WM6.5.x com2 ("Stylus UI"): classic lite release A10: WM6.5.x Classic lite(21876) WWE please new upload. link is dead
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    Thread [Q] i need clean wm6.5 rom

    i need a wm6.5 clean rom for Excalibur with original wm6.5 icons.