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    Post Question Oneplus 9 pro telus 5G

    Hola Sad situation this is. Stranger still is that I had a Xiaomi Mi 10 last year and I was able to get 5G in certain locations. And at one point Telus was the least restrictive when it came to VoLTE and WiFi Calling enablement on non-Telus branded phones.
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    Post Question ANT+ support missing?!

    Hola You are not alone. Sammy removed Ant+ support on the S21 series. I am into home cycling as well and I am now forced to change a few of my monitors to Bluetooth. Luckily my Tacx smart trainer supports Bluetooth and Ant+, if that wasn't the case I too would have been mad. It took me a...
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    Post [Rom] [10] Resurrection Remix

    Hola jamescable A quick follow up, so the current RR will only work for Android 10.. so for us who have updated to OOS 11, we will have to downgrade to the latest available OOS 10? I just want to confirm this. Thanks for all your help facilitating our questions.
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    Post 8 Pro out of stock?

    Hola It seems like you Europeans have access to buy the device at either local retailers (carriers) and even online directly from OnePlus (even though it is currently out of stock). In Canada we can only buy it online from OnePlus, it they have been out of stock for more than 1 week. Not sure...
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    Post Call recording on Mi Note 10

    Hola I use the call recorder function on all my phones, I should say I make sure that call recording works. Even though third party call recording app, like Skvalex call recorder, works on Xiaomi phones, as others have mentioned it is limited to only speaker phone... usage of any Bluetooth ear...
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    Post Quick Settings Toggle

    Hola 1. This is a known bug but seemingly only affecting certain people. 2. The easiest way to fix this without the tedious resetting of your phone approach is to download System UI Tuner and reset the Quick Settings to the default configuration. You'll find the Edit button thereafter. 3. I had...
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    Post [Magisk] MIUI GApps Plus | MOVED TO NEW THREAD | [A11]

    Hola I still get the Device Personalization Services app crash. crash log attached.
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    Post [Magisk] MIUI GApps Plus | MOVED TO NEW THREAD | [A11]

    Hola I tested your v3.5.5 and it seems to work ok except for one major crash - AlwaysOnDisplay app keeps crashing and doesn't work. I have attached the screen capture for your review. Please let me know if this is sufficient logs for you to fix this issue please. Thanks for creating this package.
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    Post Roms/root availability for mi 10?

    Hola I can't speak about Google Pay, but others have confirmed that with the last Xiaomi.EU v11 ROM, widevine is set as Level 1. See attached.
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    Post Mi10 Pro Global Version no dual sim version?

    Hola No they are different IMEI numbers. Some more info: 1. I can use the phone app *#06#* and it shows up 2 different IMEIs numbers. 2. When I go to Settings -> My device -> All specs -> Status it also shows information related to both SIM slots. See attached.
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    Post Mi10 Pro Global Version no dual sim version?

    Hola I want to add to this conversation. I bought my Mi 10 8GB RAM / 128GB Storage - GLOBAL version from giztop. I waited a week before I was able to unlock the bootloader to install Xiaomi.EU weekly MiUI 11 ROM. I now see that if I dial *#06#* it actually shows up with 2 IMEI numbers! The...
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    Post [Magisk] MIUI GApps Plus | MOVED TO NEW THREAD | [A11]

    Hola jigs4wkiller a few questions if you don't mind: 1. Is there anyway to remove a few apps that you have listed. For example you enable Lawnchair and Adaway, but I don't use / want these apps to be installed as system apps. Is there a text file that I can edit from your full package to...
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    Thread Slow wireless charging?

    Hola Just got my Mi 10 Global version today. I went through the usual base setup and all. I then wanted to see how long the device will take to charge on my 15w wireless charger... Only to see that the Mi 10 is charging around 200mA. It is so slow that the device is actually loosing power if I...
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    Post where to buy mi10 global version

    Hola I am confused and I hope someone can provide some answers. While I understand that the Mi 10 GLOBAL version is released, my question is when exactly will it be ready for purchase outside of China - Some as on or sites? I see a few Chinese based online retailers...
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    Post Does the Xiaomi Mi 10/Mi 10 Pro support USB 3.1?

    I will jump in and say that you are correct about in display fingerprint readers - the current technology available simply sucks compared to the old fashioned fingerprinter readers of yesteryear. I change phones every few months, and I truly missed the old fp readers - they were always...