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    Post [Q] screen shot problem

    Now we have 14.10 r21 :) great improvement from r20, and screenshot works fine (vol+ and vol -)
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    Post [STABLE][2016.07.05] SuperSU v2.76 [CLOSED]

    root lollipop mediatek 6582 Hi chainfire, used the zip version 2.46 and successfully rooted a mediatek 6582 with lollipop :good: :)
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    Post [Q] nearby and today scope

    I can install Ubuntu in any Bq aquaris E4.5, even if it didnt came withAndroid, and has nearby and today
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    Post [DEV] thread on LG G Pad 7.0/8.0/10.1

    How much search did you made? You may consider read again the forum rules
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    Post Bq Aquaris 5

    I´m afraid it could be too late, but here's the link:
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    Post [ROOT] Framaroot, a one-click apk to root some devices

    We all know that Framaroot doesnt work with 4.4 yet. I wonder why someone still reports failure in a phone with 4.4? wt*? I'm wainting for it too bros :;)
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    Post [APP] Remove app permissions without root by Advance Permission Manager

    Better late than never :) in play store
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    Post [ROOT] Framaroot, a one-click apk to root some devices

    I believe that for now framaroot doesnt works in KK :( lets wait and see
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    Post [UTIL][WIN][MT65xx] MTK Droid Root & Tools | MediaTek Android Smartphone

    Hi, I think framaroot doenst work on 4.4 devices
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    Post [SCRIPTS]CronMod-INT2EXT (updated 02/28)

    thks, I used CWM 5xxx and mount/system, think that I experienced the CWM 6+mount/system and didnt work
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    Post [SCRIPTS]CronMod-INT2EXT (updated 02/28)

    HI, in my S5830 CronMod didnt worked with CWM 6xxxx, only with 5xx and mount system
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    Post [Guide] Upgrading Ace to KitKat 4.4.4 |2014.09.06|

    Hi, for CronMod to work you have to flash CWM first and mount system ( user app lost)
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    Post [Guide] Upgrading Ace to KitKat 4.4.4 |2014.09.06|

    great job brijeshep, I'll try it. Can I flash CronMod script?
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    Post [Explained] ART Runtime in Android 4.4(kitkat)

    is ART working? Sorry my question, but how can I see if ART is working? what´s the file that must be there, where does system keeps data for ART different than Dalvik? I ask this cause I changed to ART and dont see difference, or reboot took longer. Is it working? :confused: ( I asked here...
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    Post [Alcatel OT-991] Unbrick. + CWM Recovery.

    HI, you must give more details. See op if helps Can you get to recovery?, phone doesnt turn on? can you connect phone ti PC? What were you doing when it bricked?