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  • XDA-Geek was banned because needed help immediately and posted in forums .

    You can even contribute $4-5 , that's helpful but not be a burden
    Hey there Quicksite I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate your work in the WING community and I have a few questions if you dont mind:

    1) I just recently flashed my wing with the pdaviet black themed m2d rom and the rom is awesome but MMS doesnt work. I tried all the mms.cabs i could find related to pdaviet's roms and when I do try to install them I get a failed message. Installation failed due to insufficient permission. Whats up with that? Can you point me in the right directions/post that show me how to fix the mms problem. Ive been searching and reading for 3 days now and Im just burnt out. Please help me out. thank for your time and effort!

    2) When i try to register with http://www.pdaviet.net I cant b/c its saying that my user name doesnt fit the admins standard. Please let me know what is required of me in order to register for the site. thanks alot
    hi..i saw you posted about trying to make opera mini 5 the default in windows mobile.
    Did you have any success?
    QuickSite is a beast at hosting files for the Wing community!! Keep it up. Our Wing community is awesome.
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