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    Thread PIxel Buds A-Series and my Pixel 4 XL

    I pre-ordered the A-Series Pixel Buds thinking that they were a good deal for $99. I thought they would probably work well with my Pixel 4 XL. Apparently, I thought wrong. The volume is so low when paired to the 4XL that they aren't really useable for much. The only way to control the volume on...
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    Post Pixel 4xl stuck on 50% . Switches off randomly and has a battery symbol with a (?).

    Mine had this issue. I fixed it myself. If you feel like investing in a phone repair kit it might save you a few bucks, especially if you're out of warranty like me. There are videos on youtube that will tell you how to open the phone up from the back. Once inside there are #4 torx screws...
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    Post Post your working substratum/andromeda setups.

    Took me a bit, but I found it again
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    Post Post your working substratum/andromeda setups.

    Nova Mono Art Viral Icons Digital KWGT
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    Post 7.1.2 N2G47E is up

    How are you deleting the -w from the bat file?
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    Post [ROOT] How to Root the ZTE ZMAX [KK][ALL VARIANTS]

    got root thanks for writing this up. I used this method, but instead of running a crazy amount of apps, i just ran one other besides kingroot, antutu benchmark....it stressed the cpu enough for the exploit to take. i had to do it about 7 times, but it worked.
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    Post [Q] How to stop market from updating?

    worked great for me...now i get to keep the themed version of market on cm7...nice