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    Post Question Is stock MIUI good or is it better to install a custom ROM?

    Video toolbox swipe from line that shows in choosen aplicstions(video toolbox settings). Debloat there were few guides. I'am also using blockda 5 on top of that.
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    Post Question Avoiding burn-in on status bar?

    Really shame that MIUI doesn't allow to hide status bar.
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][10.0-11.0] crDroidAndroid 6.x-7.x [SANTONI][STABLE]

    Any fix for error 7? happens while i try to install ROM (both in OrangeFox, and TWRP while i tried them). Same error for ArrowOS. Somehow i'am still able to install havoc. Manageed to flash it. Waiting till it boots. It's working.
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    Post Question Avoiding burn-in on status bar?

    Stock, just tried nova it hides it only on home screen and dosen't support full screen gestures.
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    Post Question Avoiding burn-in on status bar?

    I gave it a try it's able to remove left hand stuff and some of right hand stuff. Still I'd like to have something that whould hide my status bar and show it on slide like it used to be in older phones. Anyways still better then nothing.