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    Post [Magisk][Module] FireTV 4K Stick Add-Ons

    I accidently updated Magisk Manager, and now its the White/Blue interface. Are you saying i should install the latest Magisk Manager (20.4) from https://github.com/topjohnwu/Magisk/releases ?
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    Post How to spot a fake S20??

    Well suppose someone gets an s20 on payment plan using someone else's information. They sell the phone online and pocket the cash. The phone will work during this period. Meanwhile, the carrier sends notices of nonpayment to the person who's idenitity was stolen. It could either be sent to...
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    Post How to spot a fake S20??

    you sure the phone has no financial obligations?
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    Post Free Galaxy S20 Ulta / S20 Plus / S20 Cases

    i'd love to try a case! sent in a request on both sites!
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    Post Downgrade Oreo to Nougat???

    whats your bootloader version?
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    Post [APP][PATCHED] Google Phone v53+BLACK THEME [NO ROOT]

    yeah, works fine. get the missed notifications file
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    Post Has anyone else NOT received the T-Mobile Note 8 OREO update yet? HELP!

    They dont always release teh update to everyone right away. its released in stages. You can always manually download them (from updato) and install them through odin. Did you verify from Tmobile that the phone is not under financial obligation and is in fact unlocked through a carrier and not...
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    Post Flashing stock Samsung firmware after update to Oreo firmware

    i think Oreo might have the bootloader v3, so you probably cant go back to what it shipped with (bootloader v1 or v2). You might be able to flash BRA5 and whatever was right before it (which is 7.1.1) because that did have the v3 bootloader. I think U1 is for the unlocked model, so I'm pretty...
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    Post [ROM][6P][7.1.2_r24]★ Pure Nexus ★ Substratum | Fi | WiFi Calling ★[07/25/17]

    ive heard nothing but complaints about this phone. i think samsung is the way to go for android. :(
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    Post Phone wont turn on or respond at all.

    ive had this happen to me also. The phone was fully charged, but then seemed to have died out of no where. I couldnt do anything to get the phone back on. I looked it up online, and found suggestions for connecting the phone to a computer via usb.
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    Post Nexus 6P randomly shutting down under 50% - You're not alone!

    roughly, 1. how long a period did you use your phone for before finally needing battery replaced - i.e. how many months? 2. can you rate your usage in a typical day -- i.e. did it just get you through a full day? ...only last you half of the day?
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    Post [ROM][TAR] L720 Stock OD2 Odin flashable

    not quite sure, but one of the most common causes of odin failures is when you try flashing an older version. download the latest tar. Samsung doesnt allow downgrades via odin. Download L720VPSGPL1 from sammobile and try flashing it. Let me know how it goes
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    Post [ROM][6.0.1] Stock PG1 | De-bloated | DeoDexed | N910PVPU4DPG1 [8/24/16]

    the fingerprint sensor and MM never got along together. I stopped using it a long time ago.