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  • Will the Umbrella theme ever support Cyanogen's latest builds?
    Please let me know. Would be really cool.
    Hey RA! Any chance on the Umbrella theme being ported to 1.5? PRETTY PLEASE???
    dude... your avatar is disturbing... w/ all the swine flu scare and everything if I didn't know better I'd almost be inclined to think that someone close to you threw that on there to let everyone know... but that'd be WAY too much effort and not in the spirit of that actually having happened I don't imagine
    \I really liked your SF 49ers theme and being a bay area sports fan I would love to see a SF Giants theme. Keep up the good work.

    Thank You,

    Hey Randum, first of all. AWESOME themes man. Keep up the great work, everyone appreciates it. Also, I would like to make a request but if you're not up for it, no problem. I want a Mustang theme. I'm a classic mustang guy, I have a '69 mustang. I've seen what you can do and I would love to see a mustang theme made by you. Hopefully I'll see it posted soon, but if not, just keep up the great work and keep making great themes!
    Hey Randum, I'm a fan of your themes, and I was wondering if I could get the codes for the Vekktor theme, Vista theme, and the Jimmy buffett theme. I love theme all, but IM not sure which I want to use.
    Hey, I was wondering if you would do a twilight theme, if you take requests? or something elegant and sleek.... thanks.
    Hey Randum, Dont know if you limit your fans to a certain number of requests, but if your ever feeling froggy again, and just to keep you in the game, How bout a Chicago Cubs theme? again youve done wonders for xda theme wise, Thanks.
    Hey Randum love your themes, I was wondering if there would be any Chance you might make a Smallville theme, Ima big fan of the show. I see that your cracking out alot of themes, and was just wondering if you did requests, Kryptonsite.com is a resource for you if you looking for icons and such.
    Hey, since you are becoming a theme master, i wanted to ask you a question...i want to use one of your rc33 themes, but i dont want to use the Rc33 android os. Im using ADP1.1h, how can i make your rc33 theme compatible with adp1.1 is it a matter of repacking the framework-res ?

    thanks for your help and keep up the good work on the themes!
    I got your Blue Glow theme working and it looks great but I cant find the desktop thats displayed on your preview. Can I find this somewhere else?
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