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    Post [Q] How to delete dual boot partition?

    Bump, no one has ever done this?
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    Thread [Q] How to delete dual boot partition?

    Hi, A few months ago I installed two roms, creating a second partiton. I've being struggling not to fill the device memory for the past month. So now I want to delete it and recover the memory to my main rom. Is there any busybox command to achieve this? Or a link to a step-by-step...
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    Post SGS3 S-VOICE APK Updated 5/23 with hacked flashable zip !!!!!(only work on ICS!)

    well, uselability aside, you can still use it just to tease iphone 4s users... i solved my problem wtb... it was stucked in the galaxy sii boot screen no matter what... until i plugged in to my pc, then after acpi shutdown pluggued battery showed up and combo while plugged worked... when i...
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    Post [Q] is this brick recoverable?

    well it seemed like the old connect your phone to the pc while pressing the download combo did the trick for download mode... damn i got scared... just flashed stock and it is working... i didn't thought i would recover it after the jig didn't worked... good thing i tried the download method...
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    Thread [Q] is this brick recoverable?

    Hi, I installed the voicetalk app succesfully. I was getting network error and I decided to modify the build.prop. I chmod 777 build.prop and changed device model and one more value from i9100 to i9300... I rebooted and was stucked on Samsung GALAXY SII GT-I9100 screen... I entered recovery...
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    Post SGS3 S-VOICE APK Updated 5/23 with hacked flashable zip !!!!!(only work on ICS!)

    guys i think i mess up badly here... i installed everything ok, was getting network error so i gave the build.prop 777 permissions and modified every i9100 to i9300 saved and rebooted. the device was not turning on... i didnt panic yet... i went into recovery by key combination and did a fix...
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    Post [ROM][07/06][LSW][4.1.2][V14.6] WanamLite Clean & Fast & Pure Stock Themed

    hi, I installed this rom, coming from cm9, did a data wipe, installed the rom, samsung apps, wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache... my main problem is that i can't make the 3g work... and yes, I have all the apn settings configured correctly... i tried wipe csc 1.0 data from tibu, didn't do the...
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    Post [Q] Need help, phone reboots on turn on, kernel may be damaged

    thanks, i did adam outer heimdall one click with i897 bootloaders and phone is working again :D
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    Post [Q] Need help, phone reboots on turn on, kernel may be damaged

    ok screw the sms, im about to flash fasty III to see if it fixes, unless someone says i shoudnt or come up with a better idea i can just flash it on top right? i have the gb bootloaders from before if i cant what should i do before flashing?
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    Post [Q] Need help, phone reboots on turn on, kernel may be damaged

    well i installed heimdall did heimdall flash --kernel and installed talondev's kernel correctly phone gets stucked at Galaxy S GT-I9000 screen downloaded serendipity 4.1 kernel and flashed it, got the same results... :( Any ideas?
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    Post [Q] Hard brick or fixable..? Help.

    have u tried button combo to go to download mode? or by pressing the volume buttom and inserting the usb cable already plugged in?
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    Post [ROM] « Serendipity VII » | Build 3 | Kernel 4.1 | **10/3** [FINAL]

    Hi, first of all, i love your work mikey! I've being using serendipity vii build 1 for a long time, loved it, but now my phone doesnt want to turn on :( I've opened a thread in Q&A, but with all the stickies that are now there I dont know if ppl would be able to see it. So if any of you wants...
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    Thread [Q] Need help, phone reboots on turn on, kernel may be damaged

    Hi, Its being a long time since I post. To start with I just run with a really weird problem. Today when i woke up i went to the phone and noticed wifi was off. I turned it on but it turned off automatically. I was thinking wtf and rebooted the phone. When I rebooted it turned on, never got to...
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    Post [Q] Forcing locale for a specific application

    If you add different layout folders to your app(layout-es, values-fr) they will be loaded according to the phone's locale. here is the documentation:
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    Post [Q] Odin3 one-click downloader just froze, any ideas?

    mmm I took out the phone and now i think it is soft bricked now, phone ! computer, though i just managed to put it back in download mode by holding the volume buttons and plugging in the cable, now it is back on stock thanks guys, I was getting scared :)