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  • hai.. hai i want to try using your ROM:RATA v03-10
    whether to upgrade the IPL / SPL & Radio or you can directly upgrade. I am now using WM6.1 Original ROM
    im not given up...me never......Im going home on friday the 7th...i have full movement in my legs although i cant walk for more then a few seconds before falling on my arse and i cant stand but the doctors said im good enough to go home i still be in a wheel chair for a few months but FREEDOM.

    Ill see you all on xda soon.

    what happen to peoples feedback have i missed something or are the niki failing there doesnt seems to be much in feedback lately.
    hi walter,more of the mess...now the power not working,when i charge the device it gets hot,but the power doesnt show the charging light.and cant go to the bootloader also.the file u provided as bootloader,can it help me out.i assume that has to be copied into the sdcard and then power+camera...right?dont know if i ever can have my nike back as alive and make me cheerful.miss u and miss our forum too.
    u take care walter
    hi buddy
    some big problem with my device.can u plz help me out
    My NIKE can go into bootloader .but i can flash only cooked roms.when i flash cooked roms,it gets flashed 100% but the screen hangs on HTC MOBILITY and not showing even radio screen.But i cant flash any stock rom.when i flash stock roms alternatively first one stuck at 69%,second one at 71%, and the the third one at 73%.
    I cant flash any radio after flasing the cooked roms.
    cant connect through MTTY,since no synchronization is there.
    power button ok.device gets charged but thats it.trd every thing.
    how can i solve this problem.
    since i can get into the bootloader.
    when i flash radio...1.71 flashes completely then shows FLASH WRITE ERROR.
    with 1.51 it stucks at 94% ,with 1.65 it stucks at 99%.
    ur guidence and help will be awaited badly man.
    since i surf net through my device only iu cant check net also.so plz whenever u reply plz provide all the tools and help u can
    will check net after 8 hrs from now.
    hi walter
    nope...no news of andy..on the 2nd day also...dont know if he is ok or not.but praying his family sud get him back fit and fine at the earliest
    hi walter
    i take that as a compliment.but call me DJ or Deep.i am still working on the NEON 400 wm 6.5 rom.its not as i would like it to be.needs some more close work.dont know if will be able to do so or not....but just trying buddy.u know i am working on porting manila 2.1 also for qvga....seems impossible but again trying.
    wify is ok and she keeps me scolding for i dont sleep in night.mostly i go to bed at around 4 in morning and get up by 9...so u c...how much i sleep in a day..
    u take care...andy must be back here in a few days isnt it?
    hey buddy
    I made NEON 400 WM 6.5.I cooked 3 test roms and all r working man.check out my NEON 400 thread
    hey walter
    how r y buddy?whats up?did u try that new kitchen?how does it work?did u cook any rom with that kitchen?not seeing any new rom from u from so long...busy?
    hey walter
    i copied something from ur signature,just to convey sleepmonk's prayer thread in other forums where i do visit,to collect maximum prayers for him.
    hope u wont mind it and will forgive me for the same
    Hi, i had used HARDSPL FOR NEON400 , but i have a NIKI. After operation my NIKI don't work anymore. If i charged orange led not work. Power button not boot NIKI, hardreset not work. Only if i recharge unless battery i see the red led!!
    hey man
    thx for your concern.it was a bike accident.got seriously injured.leg fracture.ok ok now.i am from kahira.how ur new rom doing.download tomorrow.
    hi walter
    guess what?I am going to be a father soon.my wife is carrying.just 2 months pregnancy,my first baby.i am too excited buddy.pray for us plz
    Hi, yes I'm coming with an wwe version, just did a dutch one for fun and learning how the kitchen works, but the number of downloads is very poor, just 11 people.
    About wwe, I think later today or tommorrow, just need to check some things.

    good lord...nice to hear from u walter.and glad to know that u r coming up with a new rom.r u using that new kitchen?I saw that dutch rom of urs but honestly always want u to cook for wwe as that gives u more user to run ur fantastic roms.plz don't take me otherwise.all I want that u should reach to d global platform.
    come soon with ur as usual rocking rom.
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