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    Post [ROM][11.0.0_r38] [UNOFFICIAL] AospExtended ROM v8.3 for RMX2170

    Working under display fingerprint? Thanks vary much for the ROM
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    Thread Stock camera app Realme UI 2.0

    Does anyone has stock cam .apk from realme UI 2.0? Thanks in advance
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    Post [ROM][11.0_r43][OFFICIAL][STABLE] ShapeShiftOS for realme 7 pro [RMX2170]

    still testing so far flawlessly works, except underdisplay fingerprint. big thank you for the custom rom :). Realme ui sucks! Edit: NFC don't work
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    Post [ROM][11.0_r43][OFFICIAL][STABLE] ShapeShiftOS for realme 7 pro [RMX2170]

    Very niceee finally I can let go this sucker realme UI in case you're in android 11 here's I found in depth APK https://drive.google.com/u/0/uc?id=1-RAN-X8q-YWcwaHM2ly5BBy4zaQt7v8A&export=download
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    Thread 7 pro's cusrom

    No custom ROM support?
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    Post Quality feel (use of materials)

    I don't mind plastic but damn I got scratches while in case
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    Post Photo quality

    It only has single tone flashlight, any phone with dual or even quad can outmatch 7 pro's flash brightness
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    Post "Look" of the device (aesthetics)

    It's a beauty though it is plastic
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    Post Scrolling smoothness

    Silky smooth
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    Post OEM skin/software

    Heavily skinned stupid settings arrangement and full with bloatware like tiktok, news app (baca plus), currier apps (J&T) you name it but you can uninstall it through adb. not my forte, hoping to custom rom this phone soon
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    Post Screen on time

    Realme ui 1.0: 100-30% about 8 hours, medium usage with casual gaming Realms ui 2.0: 100-30% 6h45m medium usage with casual gaming
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    Post Cellular strength and throughput

    No problem with signal reception. Perfect
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    Post Speakerphone (loudness, clarity)

    It is loud and it has stereo and atmos gimmick the quality below average can't hear a bass I'm hoping to mod the driver with V4A
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    Post Charging speed

    Insanely fast but it got warm while charging