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    Post [EOL][ROM][SAMSUNG][OREO][8.1.0] ULTRA LEAN ROM [SM-T585]

    Also use latest twrp. 3.2.3-4 This fixed it for me.
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    Post Bliss OS - Pie for PCs (LTS)

    Really cool Up and running without a hitch! (booting from usb) Lenovo Yoga 2 Thanks! This will be fun!
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    Post [ROM][SM-T580][SM-T585][UNOFFICIAL][RR-O-v6.2.1] -> 20181210 (DISCONTINUED)

    If that's what you're looking for... Then stay stock. ,?
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    Post [ROM][SM-T580][SM-T585][UNOFFICIAL][RR-O-v6.2.1] -> 20181210 (DISCONTINUED)

    YES! Absolutely the best ROM for the T580! Thanks so much for your work on this and sharing it! BTW. Black mode theme caused f/c on package installer.
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    Post [ROM][SM-T580][SM-T585][UNOFFICIAL][RR-O-v6.2.1] -> 20181210 (DISCONTINUED)

    Strange. I tried it and camera still force closed after one picture.
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    Post [ROM][SM-T580][SM-T585][UNOFFICIAL][RR-O-v6.2.1] -> 20181210 (DISCONTINUED)

    I've tried multiple methods in flashing and have had no success with the camera apps. What did you do?
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    Post [ROM][SM-T580][SM-T585][UNOFFICIAL][RR-O-v6.2.1] -> 20181210 (DISCONTINUED)

    Wow! What a treat to have Android 8.1 running on this Samsung device! Only issue I have seen is camera.(as advertised) Thank you for supporting rom development for the T580. ?
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    Post [ROM][SM-T580][SM-T585][UNOFFICIAL][RR-O-v6.2.1] -> 20181210 (DISCONTINUED)

    Wow! Fantastic work for the T-580! Flashed this and was amazed at the modifications. Thanks so much! If only camera and BT ... Took a while to get extsd recognized. But almost perfect. Cannot wait to have as a DD..
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    Post Stock ROM

    Thanks for all the great suggestions! I'm running stock, TWRP recovery and rooted with magisk. Got a few mods working too.
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    Thread Stock ROM

    Hi All. I am new to samsung devices and just bought a SM-T580. I have TWRP installed and rooted running LOS 14.1 (7.1.2) Are there any stock roms that are debloated and updated (with some regularity) ? TIA! Ray
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][SM-T580][8.1.0_r20] LineageOS 15.1 [01.05.2018]

    I could not get this to boot via flashing in twrp. . It was stuck in bootloop. I'm new to Samsung just bought this tablet yesterday. I'm currently running Los 14.1. I wanted to try this ROM out! Forgive me but what do you mean by in fastboot? Is that something Odin has to handle? I know how to...
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    Post [ROM][SM-T585][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 15.1 | Android 8.1 20180704

    This one worked for me.
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    Post [ROM][6P][7.1.2_r24]★ Pure Nexus ★ Substratum | Fi | WiFi Calling ★[07/25/17]

    Not me. Blame the auto manufacturer. They should all work on any platform. A real source of frustration.
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    Post [ROM]○[SuperXE 6P]○[OREO]○[8.1.0]-[OPM2.029.A1/8.1.0_r21]○[AROMA]○[05/14/2018]

    This is completely subjective. Everyone will have a different experience. In my case, stock with stock kernel gives me my best battery life. You're going to have to test each for yourself to know. Good luck ! :)