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  1. razdiver

    Post New SW3 version spotted with lower quality usb cover

    Got mine from PLay Store Got mine from Play Store and is the rubber cover :confused:. The cover is very easy to replace. It connect under the silicon band in a slot easy to reach.
  2. razdiver

    Post Screen protectors

    Got a package too I ordered a package too. At least I will have the Smartwatch 3 protected until a better screen protector will become available. Thanks for the update. I should have the watch by Monday.
  3. razdiver

    Post Screen protectors

    Did you received the Skinomi screen protector? How do you like them?
  4. razdiver

    Post [ROM] Stock 4.4.4 KTU84P ODEX & DEODEX + SuperSU + Busybox

    I didn't have to and I dirty flash over 4.4.3. Everything works great and I didn't encounter the double email app issue mentioned by others. Hope this helps.
  5. razdiver

    Post [ROM] Stock 4.4.4 KTU84P ODEX & DEODEX + SuperSU + Busybox

    Thanks vomer Awesome work o grande guru of stock ROM :highfive:. Thanks to your work my N5 traveled from 4.4.2 to 4.4.3 and now on 4.4.4 :victory: without an issue. Great job :good:
  6. razdiver

    Post please delete

    I did read the first post, this is how I install your previous version. My question is how I switch from the EnSec look and feel to your Operative look and feel with GB, launcher and the rest of goodies you packed for us? I already flashed the firmware once to fix my home button issue, I can...
  7. razdiver

    Post please delete

    EnSec + Operative 20140318 Loki, I have the 1/8 1900 TS running Omate_TrueSmart_EnSec20140312_V2.0. I would like to install the latest release. Can I install it over the existing EnSec and how can I get your Operative install/working on my TS. Sorry, but navigating the TS section of xda is...
  8. razdiver

    Post please delete

    SP Tool? You lost me at the SP Tool. Can you point me to where I can find the SP Tool? Thanks
  9. razdiver

    Post please delete

    TS came with non-functional Home button I went through installing the patch and the Imperium Operative and on the Android boot screen I realized that I can select the factory reset since the Home button is not working. I try the undo option and now I am in a boot loop on the Imperium screen...
  10. razdiver

    Post *** New Device Forum Requests ***

    Omate TrueSmart +1 for the Omate Truesmart forum (... and the rest of the x201 family)
  11. razdiver

    Post New Google Wallet update

    Works perfectly on stock Verizon GNexus LTE Thanks for the Google Wallet apk. Works perfectly.
  12. razdiver

    Post Nexus 7 Screen not responding to touch sometimes?

    Same Screen Issue The screen on my Nexus 7 is randomly becoming unresponsive and I have to restart the tablet. It is usually happening after using apps that are video memory intensive (Google Earth, Google+). I hope Google or Asus will fix this issue because I love the tablet and I would hate...
  13. razdiver

    Post [APP] Flipboard for Android

    Works great The app works great on my Verizon GNex running ICS 4.0.2. Thanks. :)