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    Post [DEV][ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 13.0 for S3 Neo

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    Post Crappy customer support

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    This ^^^ Placeholder are not allowed. PM me or report when you have valid link for download and you want to reopen this thread. Regards, Razvan Forum Moderator
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    Post [ROM][16.06.2017]J2 Prime ROM for J5 2015

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    Post [ROM][21.08.2017]A5 2017 ROM for J5 2015

    Thread close as OP request.
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    Post [TUTORIAL] How to use SEARCH on XDA Forums

    Try to select your choice in the search page: see attach
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    Post [ROM][RC][A310XX][7.0][PORT] UnderWorld Two

    This ^^^ Thread closed. Thanks for your work NetfariousIntent Razvan Forum Moderator
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    Post telegram group

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    Post [ROM][7.1.x][Unofficial] Lots of Roms [AEX,AOKP,AOSiP,Bliss,Carbon,Candy,DU,XenonHD]

    Moved back to development, sorry for my mistake. :good: Good luck and thanks for support Razvan Forum Moderator
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    Post *#0*# or *#06# Don't Work

    That codes work on stock ROMs. For more issue related to Superman ROM please ask directly here: [Q&A][FAQ][TW][N][7.0][SM-G930F/FD/K/L/S/W8] SuperMan/SuperStock-Rom
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    Post *#0*# or *#06# Don't Work

    Clear cache/dalvik from recovery and that's all.
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    Post **NOTORIOUS-Kernel** || TW || AQE5 || G95X F/FD || {8-6-17} || V1.0 || 4.4.70

    Please follow this ^^^ thread for more updates. Thread closed. Razvan Forum Moderator
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    Post Samsung s8/s8+ (Telegram channel)

    The Moderation Team allows ONE telegram group thread per forum. The link to that is here: Samsung S8 & S8plus telegram group Thread closed Razvan Forum Moderator