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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][x1s|y2s|z3s][SM-G980/1/5/6/8][11] LineageOS 18.1 for Samsung Galaxy S20 series

    I finally need some feedback now! Can you use this Rome daily? Are banking apps working, how is Rom going, etc. What happened to the Lineage Community? When I was a developer (Andro 7.0), people fell on my Lineage Bulids and fought over them. I got hundreds of likes per update & nothing happens...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][x1s|y2s|z3s][SM-G980/1/5/6/8][11] LineageOS 18.1 for Samsung Galaxy S20 series

    Someone testet it and can tell something about the found issues, the look and fell and maybe some Screenshots? Is it working as daily? Thankss
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    Post [8.0.0 B4]19/12/17[TWEAKS][V6]OREOROM[ BY IQBAL [ROM][DEC SEC][S8_s8+]19/12

    English Please use Google Translate in future. I want an answer to my reproach, not a language quiz.
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    Post [Note8 Apps Port v1.6][07/09/2017][Compatible with all Roms][Android 7.1.1]

    Are the endless wallpaper from note8 available? Thanks in advance, rbnla.
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    Post Good News Infinity Users -> Android 7.1 for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ To Roll Out Soon

    Vodafone Australia does not bring the update out soon, but the roll out has already begun. *
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    Post [S8/S8+][Nougat][01-Jan-2020][v30] LightROM

    ROM works very fine! I hope only the best for further developments :)
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    Post [ROM]Pixel Experience

    I wish you all the best for your new ROM and.. hope to see you soon in the MOST ACTIVE GALAXY NOTE 5 TOPICS. :good::good::good:
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    Post [KERNEL][7.0]FUEL-KERNEL-V2

    Please Support G928F :) Yours rbnla
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    Post [ROM] [7.1.2] PixelOS [OFFICIAL] [05.07.2017]

    Reports with no Model Number are not to be taken seriously.
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    Post [ROM] [7.1.2] PixelOS [OFFICIAL] [05.07.2017]

    Build 0507 PixelOSA new build has been added to the OP: PixelOS14.1-20170705CHANGELOG | OP | DOWNLOAD [/LIST] Changelog 05.07.2017 - updated lineage to 0507 by source - fixed all problems from 0407 like bootloop and so on.. - removed pixel files manager - added lineage files manager - fixed...
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    Post [ROM] [7.1.2] PixelOS [OFFICIAL] [05.07.2017]

    0407 Download:!FdEAUbCC!6dqFD6cVV3ZX0E9WrY7QTLzXj8Cge_3Vl_Ex4fH14Tk - Hit Thanks for the Work. 04.07.2017 - fixed bootloop issue - set UNIX check true - fixed broken framework - removed pixel theme from settings ( to buggy but i work on it to make it better. )
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    Post [ROM] [7.1.2] PixelOS [OFFICIAL] [05.07.2017]

    0207 have the stock Camera App or not?