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Recent content by rcsrich

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    Post [Q] Stock Chrome browser slow loading pages

    My problem definitely seems linked to wifi vs cellular data... Sent from my LG-H811
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    Post [Q] Stock Chrome browser slow loading pages

    I did try chrome beta and Opera mini- opera was faster due to the data compression, but chrome beta was just as slow to load. Sent from my LG-H811
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    Post [Q] Stock Chrome browser slow loading pages

    I'm beginning to think this may be a wifi connection issue, even tho my wifi tests faster than the 4G connection. Pages are loading much more quickly over 4G.
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    Post Internet pages loading slow apps take forever to connect

    Just posted another thread about this issue, didn't see yours and am now realizing the problem may be the wifi connection. Web pages certainly seem to load faster over 4G, which is odd considering my wifi is faster if I check the connection speed. I noticed too that it took forever to find a...
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    Post [Q] Stock Chrome browser slow loading pages

    I've noticed it also happens when using the "in app" browsers in Facebook or Twitter. I've also tried increasing the memory available to chrome using by typing in by changing maximum tiles for interest area to 512 to no avail.
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    Post [Q] Stock Chrome browser slow loading pages

    I haven't tried any other versions of chrome...did notice that I wasn't even able to load a page at all while photos were uploading, wonder it has to do more with how it's handling data traffic.
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    Thread [Q] Stock Chrome browser slow loading pages

    All, Have any of you new G4 owners been experiencing ridiculously slow page loading times with the stock browser? My old GS3 loads web pages much faster in Chrome by comparison, as does my work iPhone. What gives?! Thanks in advance!
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    Post [Q] Thoughts on CM 11

    Quiet out there! Well, I've run across some reports of camera issues, but that's about the only negative I see with CM11 vs. TouchWiz so far. Oh, and losing WIFI calling, which has never been a big deal to me, but I do like having the option.
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    Post [ROOT] TowelRoot - 4.3 & 4.4.2

    This is a wonderful, wonderful thing & may actually get me off my lazy a$$ & get me to finally root... :) Many props to geohot!
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    Thread [Q] Thoughts on CM 11

    Could anyone running "stock" CM 11 on their T-Mo S3 comment on the experience? Is battery usage better/worse/the same as the stock TW 4.3 ROM? Any issues with screen auto-brightness, sensors, etc? Are there any stock Samsung apps that you miss? I'm on the fence right now- I've been stock &...
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    Post If YOU are noticing degraded battery life after kitkat update, post here!

    More often than not, a factory reset will take care of battery issues after a major OS upgrade. I'm not sure if it's left-over system files or something about the "upgrading" of existing apps during the process, but I've had to do it with both my Galaxy S3 and Nexus 7 2012. Not every upgrade...
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    Post [Q] Google Chrome & Data Compression Option

    Thanks for the suggestion- I might go ahead & do that. I prefer a stable build & Google claims the data compression option is now available, but I may have to resort to running the beta version if I want Chrome on my S3...
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    Thread [Q] Google Chrome & Data Compression Option

    Hey all- I'm on stock TouchWiz 4.3 and I just installed the latest (v32) Chrome browser and can't get the option for data compression to show in the "Bandwidth Management" menu, the main reason why I downloaded it. I had a similar issue when I updated to the new version on my Nexus 7 (see this...
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    Post [Q] Chrome mobile data compression

    Well, I installed Chrome v32 on my GS3 & can't get the option to show up no way, no how. I've tried clearing data, uninstalling, reinstalling, making sure data isn't being restored from my Google account, etc. I give up. :(