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    Post [FINISHED] Camera LED Flash w/incoming call/sms

    Issues with Gingerbread, Nexus S, etc. I'm seeing a lot of issues in this thread around Gingerbread and the Nexus S. Just released a new version that should address those:
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    Thread [APP] Flashlight Alerts 1.5, now supporting lots of phones + email + Google Voice

    Hey all, You may recall the Flashlight Alerts app I released last year for the HTC EVO and a few other phones: Originally, the app would flash your LED when you received a phone call or when you got a new text message. Right...
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    Post Alternative Recovery

    Personally I like Clockwork's ability to flash unsigned packages.
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    Post Replaced the stock 2GB miniSD w/ 16GB card. How can I manage where apps download?

    Really? Not to be a downer guys, but why is this in the Development forum? Can we move this over to General or Q&A please. Once the Development forum starts getting flooded there's no going back.
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    Post [APP] 4G Toggle Widget v1.2 (6/18) - w/Sense disabled + SOURCE

    Unfortunately, last I checked (V6), WiMAX wasn't working on Froyo. I think nobody has actually ported the HTC drivers over since HTC hasn't released their kernel source yet. Hey, speaking of various ROM's, is anyone using this widget with Damage Control ROM? I got a bug report saying it wasn't...
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    Post [FINISHED] Camera LED Flash w/incoming call/sms

    Really most of the battery usage doesn't come from the flash itself unless you are getting a phone call every 2 seconds. The main battery usage issue for having additional notifications for which there are no standard system broadcasts is that you have to have a service running constantly...
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    Post [APP] 4G Toggle Widget v1.2 (6/18) - w/Sense disabled + SOURCE

    Pretty sure it has more to do with using Fresh than what screen it's on. I don't have it on my main screen but still have the issue. As far as I can tell so far, querying the state of the radio seems to turn it on sometimes. This is the type of driver issue that could be in some ROM's but not...
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    Post HDMI trouble

    Hahaha. Yeah, it's stupid. But to be fair a cheaper TV is a lot more likely to incorrectly implement the HDMI spec. Your Bluray player or Xbox might be able to deal with this, but I just don't think a mobile device has the hardware to compensate.
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    Post [FINISHED] Camera LED Flash w/incoming call/sms

    Sounds like a great idea. I'll implement it. Sorry, didn't mean to imply that I thought you were. When official Droid 2.2 comes out it should support this new API (FLASHLIGHT_MODE_TORCH) and everything should be good :-) If you haven't tried the non-Froyo version though you might want to try...
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    Post Calculator

    Does RPN do graphing? I went with Arity since it can do 2D and 3D graphing.
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    Post [SOLVED] Reverse VNC Connection

    Glad to hear you got it working! I'll try installing it this week and see how it goes.
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    Post Evo LEDs Flashlight application found

    Actually LED Desire Light most assuredly has a widget. I have it installed and it's what I use. This is all going to be such a mess once Froyo rolls out with its standardized flashlight API instead of the manufacturer-specific ones that are in use now. I don't know why Google didn't consider...
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    Post [FINISHED] Camera LED Flash w/incoming call/sms

    Android exposes an AccessibilityService API that lets you get at all the notifications that are displayed in the notification bar. However, it's a bit more difficult to implement so it's probably going to take me until the end of the week. Also, it requires a background service to be running...
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    Post [FINISHED] Camera LED Flash w/incoming call/sms
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    Post [FINISHED] Camera LED Flash w/incoming call/sms

    Are you using the standard version or the Froyo version? Also it's possible that the Froyo ROM you're using doesn't correctly implement the Froyo flashlight API since it's not actually official at this point. Wish I could be more helpful but it is a custom ROM...