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  • Hallo,

    ich habe ein O2 HTC HD. Kannst Du mir an [email protected] die Windows Mobile 6.5 V5 Firmware (sollte die aktuellste BETA sein???) senden , per SPEICHERKARTE funktioniert es nicht, also müßte irgendeine .EXE-Datei sein oder ein Programm dazu zum einflashen ...

    Und muss ich noch was beachten oder vorher machen?

    Gruß Marco
    no, mostly electronics ako, like sansui group, audiokarma. xda lang ako na iba para mapaglaruan yung uni ko hehehe.
    no choice... dapat cguro me poll na din kung payag na mga pinoy ngayon maging state ng US tayo.... :D
    pre, pinoy ka rin pala. its my mistake di ko na check agad before I posted the info in your poll. anyways, para na rin sa iba ma inform sila. cheers
    ...same to you pre... quite busy these days at work, no time to go online regularly. How bout you, what's new?
    actually because of the current crisis i just bought a cheaper class. experimental first
    before grabbing a original. thanks!
    nothing much... how your mod blueangel batt? ill grab some BL-5C and try it out
    my self. my current blueangel power source doesnt last a day. i guess ur pics
    will help a lot. wish me luck and happy valentines kabayan!
    Nice to have as a friend men!
    its true that on your country many people carry to each other on car and pay for it?

    Have a nice day men
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