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    Post [ROM+KERNEL]HUAWEI WATCH 2[LTE-Sawshark]+[BT-Sawfish]-[OWDE.180926.001.A1][22-Jan-20]

    Just wanted to say thanks to the OP. Following his instructions I got my bootloader unlocked, TWRP installed, and this ROM installed minus root capability which I didn't want the watch to have. Installing apps and general use of the watch is significantly improved over stuck. Much thanks!
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][hotdog][10] LineageOS 17.1

    MagiskHide isn't enabled by default anymore, just FYI.
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    Post Cross flash an Australian Telstra LG V50 LMV500EM to the European/Swiss/UK Android 10

    There isn't any. We have what we need, just waiting for a firehose to get it onto the device.
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    Thread HD1910 vs HD1913

    Hey all, Potentially joining you guys in the OP7TPro section sometime soon :) Just wondering if there's any major differences between the Chinese (HD1910) and EU/Global (HD1913) version of 7T Pro? I plan to probably flash LineageOS on it, but just want to know if I should look for a HD1913...
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL LineageOS-17.1 for LG V20

    Just wanted to stop in, catch up on happenings in the V20 world and congratulate x86 and all involved; I hear official LOS support is not too far away :P Brings a tear to my eye, remembering back to my LOS 15.1 and 16.0 days. Dealing with the moodiness of the H990DS RIL, testing new features...
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    Post [ROM][H910|H918|LS997|US996|VS995|H990*] UNOFFICIAL Resurrection Remix v7.0.2 Correct.
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    Post [Android 10.0.0]LineageOS 17.1 [STABLE] - LineageOS 18.0 [PRE-ALPHA] for V40

    Screen-On-Time, SOT. I don't use the camera much. Probably once or twice every few days at most.
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    Post [GUIDE] Unlock your LG V40 via 9008 mode (Every Variant except T-Mobile)

    Doubtful. We already have the firmware needed to boot and run ROMs such as LOS 17.1 and they're mirrored, so while yes LG could hypothetically break something in a future release I highly doubt they will, and even if they do we already have what we need. So.
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    Post [Android 10.0.0]LineageOS 17.1 [STABLE] - LineageOS 18.0 [PRE-ALPHA] for V40

    Depends how heavily I use it. If I'm just using like apps like Boost for Reddit, Facebook Lite, etc. on half brightness I can get 8-10hrs. With more regular/typical usage it's more like 5-7hrs.
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    Post [Android 10.0.0]LineageOS 17.1 [STABLE] - LineageOS 18.0 [PRE-ALPHA] for V40

    Hotspot works. As the builder (I self-build LOS using Lineage + SGCMarkus' sources) you have to do a certain 'repopick' with git in order to enable it, but it does work. I believe Markus does this for all his regular builds anyway, and I've tested it working perfect on my own self-builds. We...
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    Post [GAPPS][DAILY] Open GApps for Android; All Android Versions & Devices

    Tested latest 27-1-20 arm64 10.0 nano, dirty flashed over the previous same version beta on LineageOS 17.1 on my LG V40. Dirty flashed ROM, Gapps & Magisk. Booted & tested working ok. Congrats on stable status <3
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    Post Switching versions of Pie - can I do it without erasing? (H930DS, AU)

    I could kind of answer is the question of if the hardware is otherwise the same, the rest might be a question for ChazzMatt. AFAIK the modem on my H930DS was the same as other similar models, similar to the V20 you can flash a KDZ from another region if you wanted to (to for example, get less...
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    Post Switching versions of Pie - can I do it without erasing? (H930DS, AU)

    This is correct. I bought one BNIB from an eBay seller, a H930DS and it was only a couple weeks old from the factory. Came pre-loaded with AU firmware and I updated it to the latest. Before going the LineageOS route.
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    Post [APP][4.2+] SecondScreen - better screen mirroring for Android devices

    I've received a few reports that this is bricking newer devices. I've reached out to the OP, farmerbb and have also added a disclaimer to the OP of the thread. Do remember to follow relevant backup procedures before modifying your device; a full backup image of the device is best practice, at...