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Recent content by RedSkull23

  1. RedSkull23

    Post [R][GINKGO/WILLOW] Descendant 11.5 - android ver. 11

    Big thanks for your work and your builds!
  2. RedSkull23

    Post [OFFICIAL] Descendant [Android 11]

    Big thanks, works like a charm!
  3. RedSkull23


    Thanks for maintaining the project for this device, full support (y)
  4. RedSkull23

    Post How To Stop Crap Advertisements

    Follow these advices and you'll be able to get your MIUI ad-free without modifying nothing special in the OS. https://www.androidauthority.com/remove-ads-xiaomi-miui-1019139/
  5. RedSkull23

    Post Rooting Redmi Note 8 on Manjaro Linux?

    Hi there, you could try to take a shot at this https://www.xiaomitool.com/V2/ Still have to test it, but the developer claims that it works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Lemme know if it works 'cause I'm planning to go on a Manjaro only machine soon :)
  6. RedSkull23

    Post [Q][AUGUST][arm64-a/ab] Descendant X - android ver. 10r41

    An eventual maintainer should apply for being recognized as an official maintainer for that specific device. Then, device specific ROM can be built.
  7. RedSkull23

    Post backup failed..cleaning backup folder

    This user's post could be helpful - https://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=83111195&postcount=256 Theoretically if you format the SD in TWRP in way to let it being detected, the format won't be seen by ROM but only by TWRP.
  8. RedSkull23

    Post [Q][GINKGO/WILLOW][May] Descendant X - android ver. 10r36

    Just an heads up to other users, the ROM it's up to date right now, the updated build is as always available from downloads page.
  9. RedSkull23

    Post Re-Lock Bootloader Honor 6x

    Bootloader unlock code is device-specific, you need the appropriate one for your device else it won't work.
  10. RedSkull23

    Post Is it possible to unlock a P8 lite 2017 today ?

    Hi, yes it should be still possible. DC-Unlocker is what you need. The operation has a cost in credits, 4$ are necessary to unlock the device since it's the cost that DC asks from retrieve bootloader code from your device. If you're definitely motivated to do it, it's your only chance but...
  11. RedSkull23

    Post Help please on my redmi note 8

    Well i'm on 11.0.4 Global too from the day that it came out and i don't face anything similar, the charging speed has always been really fast as the first day of usage. Plus, you're asking for a feedback but it isn't that simple to provide one since that you've provided no further details about...
  12. RedSkull23

    Post Does the Redmi Note 8/T have Anti Rollback Protection?

    Thanks for explaining in detail.
  13. RedSkull23

    Post MIUI Stock Camera application

    Mmmm I just don't think so... It'll work only on MIUI, sadly.