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    Post [Official Android 4.4] [CM 11 - Nightly] CyanogenMod LG Optimus G Pro All E98X

    Astro works really well for this... Sent from my LG-E980 using Tapatalk
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    Post Moving apps to SD?

    After doing some digging with Root Explorer, I found my phones data hidden in root/data/media/android and ended up manually cutting and pasting pictures, etc. to my sdcard 1 (external). That freed up some space!
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    Post Moving apps to SD?

    Thank you! Sent from my LG-E980 using Tapatalk
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    Thread Moving apps to SD?

    After flashing a couple of different 4.4 Roms (beanstalk and cm11) I am unable to move apps from internal to external SD card. Play store apps won't work and my internal memory is now so limited that I can only install a few apps. Anyone else with this issue and any suggestions for fix? Thank...
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    Post [ROM][5.0.2][OFFICIAL] Beanstalk 5.0.0050 (3/21/2015)

    this is the biggest problem I am having with this ROM too. Love it otherwise! I have a 64 gig micro sd card. Formatted it and used the fix on the CM 11 forum and I can use the micro sd card now in the phone meaning it shows up (using astro file manager) as sd card 1 now. I can't...
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    Post [Q] Optimus G Pro Bricked -- All listed options failed

    Update: I was able to get to hard reset (holding down volume and power keys at same time). This took me to cwm recovery and then I reflashed beanstalk rom that I was on (fortunately, it was still on my phone) and then reflashed gapps.
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    Post LG Flashtool for who stuck in U+ LTE logo, bootloop, soft brick (only for F240x)

    what do you do if the phone is not recognized by the flash tool after you get it into download mode? I installed drivers twice to my computer.
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    Post [GUIDE] [E980] Fix soft bricks. Flash back to stock using LGFLashTools

    I cannot get the computer to recognize the phone when it is in download mode and so I cannot run the lg flashtool. I installed the drivers but still not recognizing the phone ( I have e980 att). Thank you for your help.
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    Post [Q] Optimus G Pro Bricked -- All listed options failed

    I have tried to use the lg flash too but my problem is that I cannot get the computer to recognize the phone even though the phone goes into download mode and the drivers are installed on the phone. I have an att 3980 phone (united states). Please help...stuck at lg logo.
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    Post LG FlashTool

    I have followed the directions for using this to the letter ( i think) and my computer wont recognize the lg pro phone when I plug it into download phone. The device driver doesn't show it. What to do ?
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    Thread sd card confusion

    I just rooted my phone and flashed beanstalk 4.4.1. All worked fine except now I have various sd card folders I didn't have before and doubled my files in my phone losing all my sd card storage. I have: usdbidsk0 sdcard1 emulated sdcard0 Emulated has two folders: legacy and 0. Both of these...
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    Post sd card storage space left!

    Could you post some help on how to "reboot to recovery and then move everything..." I know how to boot into recovery (using cwm) and I connected to computer but nothing shows up on computer to move anything.
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    Post sd card storage space left!

    apologies for wrong section...
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    Post [ROM][CM10.2][CM11] UNOFFICIAL CyanogenMod for E980

    sd storage files doubled after flashing this ROM my storage files seem to double as I have only 1 gb left of 23 gb. I used to have 10 gb. Any thoughts on how to correct?
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    Thread sd card storage space left!

    Well, almost no space left. After flashing a rom, using cwm, I found that my storage space is left to only 1 gb when it used to have 10 gb before. Searched xda for solutions but haven't found any ( I am a noob ). Any ways to fix this? Tried rebooting into recovery and wiping partition cache but...