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    Post [ROM][PX5][PX6][PX30][Q][10] Hal9k Mod v5 for MTCx/HCTx head units with Android 10/9/8/6

    I have exactly the same issue with bigger text and/or screen sizes. Using an Isudar headunit.
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    Post [ROM][PX5][PX6][PX30][Pie][9.0] Hal9k Mod v4 for MTCD/E head units with Android 9/8/6

    Maybe there were nude pics of hal9k included. 😁😉
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    Post DAB+ App: (real)zoulou's DAB-Z app (official support thread)

    Does anyone else use the AGAMA launcher? When I use the "Air Play" feature (display of title/music information), the titles or radio information pop up constantly. However, I only have this problem with DAB-Z. Is it possible to reduce the frequency of the title info somehow?
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    Post VIVID - ROM for PX5/PX6 with Android 10

    What I would also like: an autostart function (after restart and screen standby) for apps. I have a speed camera detector that can only be started manually and runs in the background. By the way, the Agama launcher has exactly this function. ;)
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    Post VIVID - ROM for PX5/PX6 with Android 10

    I saw in the first post that there seem to be two different icon sets. How can I change them? I have set a route via Google Maps, but I don't see the route/navigation on the home screen. Only my current location is visible. Am I doing something wrong? I would like it if the default music...
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    Post DAB+ App: (real)zoulou's DAB-Z app (official support thread)

    When I select the "Swap logo and station list" option, the screen is black after I restart the app.
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    Post We Need a Dev!!

    Yes any news? Looks awesome! - I really want to support this project. So where do I have to spend my money?
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    Post [ROM][PX5][PX6][PX30][Pie][9.0] Hal9k Mod v4 for MTCD/E head units with Android 9/8/6

    But does it still dimm at night mode or when useing the headlights? Edit: I have tried it now. The device still dims the light down. - Only not as strongly. And it has solved my problem. Thanks a lot!
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    Post [ROM][PX5][PX6][PX30][Pie][9.0] Hal9k Mod v4 for MTCD/E head units with Android 9/8/6

    Does anyone have the same problem? I have white writing on a white background when I turn on the low beam in many apps, e.g. Playstore, Google Maps, TomTom AmiGO. I'm on 4.2.0
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    Thread How to fix overlapping keys

    Hello! Is it possible to deactivate the consumption display or to reassign the button? The steering wheel buttons for the multifunction display in the speedometer overlap with the consumption display of my PX5. How can I reassign this one button? The "Remapping" function jumps immediately to...
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    Post HCT4_PX5_9.0_ota(2020/05/09) MX/WITSON

    I installed the new version without any problems but cannot see any new features at all. Maybe it's just a bugfixing release.
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    Post HCT4_PX5_9.0_ota(2020/05/09) MX/WITSON

    Does the new version have a better/faster GPS reception?
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    Post [ROM][PX5][Oreo][8.0.0] Hal9k ROM 3 for MTCD/E head units with Android 8/6

    Have you already tried to install Google TTS? This has helped me.
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    Post [PX5][How To] Finally possible to change CANBUS Keys in Android 9

    It seems, you got a Citroen C4 II too. Do you also got a "MX" MCU version? With my new DS5, I noticed that keys can no longer be assigned if I have assigned a certain number of keys.
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    Post [HELP] WITSON MX PX5 Unit - Reset button no longer working - how to access recovery?

    Cool! DS4 or C4? Just get the Hal9k Modinstaller PRO! It costs little but this will do the trick. I had a C4 II and I can only suggest it to you. This saved me much time.