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    Post Apps using “display over apps” crash instant

    What apps? Because some time ago Google made changes to how this works and apps must ask user to grant them permission to draw over other apps. When upgraded to a newer version of Android, permission was not removed for already installed apps. But on new device, you most likely have to grant...
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    Post Pixel 5 - 5G Certification

    Google recently updated its support page about 5G network compatibility to explicitly state that 5G will work only on carriers that Google enabled it.
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    Post Pixel 5 - Charging (Connects and disconnects over and over)

    I've encountered this, but only with my 5 port Aukey charger that does not support PD on its USB-C port and it happens once battery is charged over 10%. Someone on Reddit also had this only with 5 port charger without PD support. Issue does not happen on official charger from the box for me.
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    Post Apple TV +

    Well, there is strictly Android TV version now (it was released with software update for some Sony TVs), but it also fails to work on other devices (says software update is required) - Source.
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    Post Nova Launcher issues?

    I had this issue fresh after restoring from backup, but once I restarted the phone later, crashes stopped.
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    Post Pixel 3 allows carrier-customized firmware?

    Currently every phone must be approved/whitelisted by carrier for VoLTE / VoWiFi or you must download carrier's app for VoWiFi (if they released it). It's a good will of a carrier if they approve phones that are not sold by them.
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    Post Q Beta

    Yes, it was visible and I could connect to it, but there was no connection to the internet. So your problem must be something different then.
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    Post Q Beta

    Check if your APNs hasn't changed to IPv6. I know that with my operator (Orange Poland) hotspot for some reason doesn't work when IPv6 is used, so I have to switch to IPv4.
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    Post August update OTA available

    Anyone noticed security patch level is 1st August instead of usual 5th?
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    Post Lag issues related to digital wellbeing ?

    You can revoke Digital Wellbeing access to usage permission, this would essentially disable it. Wysłane z mojego Pixel 3 przy użyciu Tapatalka
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    Post Modded Google Camera with HDR+ on Nokia 8

    Could you be more specific?
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    Post Nokia 8 Android 9 PIE updates

    You can't unless Nokia released such patch (and from what I know they didn't).
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    Post Nokia 8 Android 9 PIE updates

    After February update it's quite good, the only thing people are still complaining is GPS/Compass and that it didn't improve camera :)
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    Post Nokia 8 Android 9 PIE updates

    You can use 'adb sideload' method (you download update on a computer, go to recovery and load update through USB cable). Instructions are linked earlier in this thread.
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    Post Nokia 8 Android 9 PIE updates

    This thread about stock update, not rooting. So please keep it clean and either ask this in existing thread about rooting or create new one if it doesn't exist yet.