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    Post Bluetooth crackling

    Figured it out. The crackle for me happens when I'm connected to a weak 2.4GHz WiFi access point. Connecting to a 5GHz WiFi or a strong 2.4GHz signal solves the problem completely It's co channel interference between WiFi and Bluetooth. Hopefully Xiaomi can make some improvements in updates...
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    Post Sample photos - original resolution - All Lenses + RAW

    One mode I'm really interested in is 12MP on the 108MP camera, if possible this would be 9-to-1 pixel binning (the same mode that Samsung is planning in the S11) and maybe provide great low-light performance. Another poster tells me that 12MP is not available on the main cam in the Xiaomi app...
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    Post 12mp (9-to-1 binning) available on main cam?

    Thanks for that. Would you be able to test and post 27MP (main and open cam) and 12MP (open cam)? Would be fascinating to see the differences.
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    Thread 12mp (9-to-1 binning) available on main cam?

    As the title asks, can you set the main cam on this to 12mp mode? Should offer smaller file size and better low light performance)
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    Post [P900][Touchwiz] Yet Another Marshmallow Rom 20180202

    Hi Bonuzzz, could you also post an update for the t700? thank you.
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    Post [ROM][AQF5][6.0.1][G900x]SkiesROM UX v3.2 A7 2017

    Hi I'm now running v3, unrooted, stock ui. However Android Pay doesn't work, is there any way of getting Android Pay to function? Searched forum but seen no answer.
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    Post [ROM][AQF5][6.0.1][G900x]SkiesROM UX v3.2 A7 2017

    :eek: I hadn't even noticed! I'll reflash without root, thanks dude.
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    Post [ROM][AQF5][6.0.1][G900x]SkiesROM UX v3.2 A7 2017

    Root is becoming more and more an annoyance. At the moment all I need root/xposed for is to bypass that ridiculous "screen overlay detected" BS warning. If only Google had just a system that it promoted the permissions screen above all overlays, but that would be too user friendly, of course...
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    Post [ROM][AQF5][6.0.1][G900x]SkiesROM UX v3.2 A7 2017

    Don't mind the children BlackMesa123, the rest of us are patient and happy to help how we can!
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    Post [P600][Touchwiz] Marshmallow Rom 20180202

    I also have this problem bonuzzz can you help?
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    Post [ROM][6.0.1][UNOFFICIAL][WIP] Cyanogenmod 13.0 - SM-T700

    Thanks so much for this! I can't help with point 1, but for 2 I think it's just that the CPU/GPU of this device struggles with the computational load of the transformation. I have see similar effects using cf lumen on both LP and MM versions of the stock ROM. Maybe if it were possible to check...
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    Post [MOD][XPOSED][4.0+]App Settings v1.10 (2014-08-13)

    I'm facing the same problem in chrome and the default Samsung browser on Marshmallow on my Tab S 8.4. In Firefox the DPI change is working correctly. Tried also changing the DPI on android web view, still has no effect.
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    Post Samsung official Android 6 - Marshmallow T805

    Does Good Lock, from the Galaxy Store work on this?
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    Post [APP][ROOT] LMT Launcher v2.9

    I'm a non-root user (for the first time in years!) and am using LMT for basic navigation and shortcuts completely successfully. Is there a way of scripting or chaining together LMT's default actions? I need to simulate a home triple press. Being unrooted I can't use a keypress (3 3 3). BUT it...
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    Post [KERNEL] Khaon's Kernel ♦ F2FS ♦ LINARO 4.7.4 ♦03/04

    GPU overclocking Hi Khaon, really enjoying your kernel, there are two things that would make it perfect, fast charge (or Synapse battery control) and GPU overclocking. At the moment the interface is very smooth, however, as soon as I use CF Lumen there is noticeable slowdown. A few hundred...