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  • salam reza jan . migam 1 kitchene khoob ba mokhalafat mitooni baram joor koni ? bara coockinge shakhsi mikham . mamnooooon .
    salam Reza jan
    mohemtarin elatesh mashghale ziade va shayadam inke felan device man QVGA hast
    enshallah device jadidamo begiram y sari ham b WVGA ham mizanam!

    karatam didam
    good work bro
    i have a rhodium.. ... i know this is rudimentary for you... but what is kitchen... what can i use it for? i would like to be able to modify what my HTC does..
    as always.. fiftybucks
    thanks for the link but all i seem to be getting is a page telling me there is restricted public access to the file, sorry for the trouble
    im having a little trouble with the link to the 4shared site with your latest build of the Leo Leopard 6.5.5 it just refuses to open the page, if you could fix that, that would be superb

    thank yee!
    hi, am enjoying your hd2 rom, i could supply coreplayer 1.3.6 as your rom comes with 1.3.5 otherwise top notch rom for me.
    sorry mate. i was away. anyway its online now. so u follow up ce4arab? u know arabic? great
    where are you man? you mad a great ROM but only echo problem for so many people. we ware waiting for your reply but no news? are you working on it?
    ok. I'll look for the .cab. The problem with the 3 rows is that wherever ROM I used, the icons were smal and not big as the stock rom.
    Will check for that.
    hi man. I flashed but had to revert back to stock since I had to use my phone and was scared to something go wrong during the usage.
    the first impression is that it uses a lot of memory for a clean rom, have you tried to compress files?
    other thing I missed is the Marketplace. This is a good way to users to download stuff, like me for example, who installed the new office beta.
    i personally like the big icons on the stock rom instead the smallest with 4 rows in the honeycomb.
    what about add the wifi router and update the comm manager adding the wifi router stuff and the 3g option? I used to use the 3g option a lot, since I only turn on the 3G when I will use the internet.
    Probably will flash again to make more use.
    I'm thinking to try cook something based on stock stuff, but need to read more about how things work and how I can update the core with the latests 'leaked' roms.
    Will keep you informed.
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