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    Post [APP][4.0+] Apex Launcher

    Wrong font display after boot Every time I boot my Galaxy nexus (i9250, stock IMM76I) apex launcher pro start with a terrible font. It is totally not readable. Apex is the default launcher. After killing apex in task mgr it restart normally. I have this behaviour since at least 6 weeks with...
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    Post Best launcher

    I prefer Apex. Just purchased the Pro version. (Had a while also nova installed but at the end I always used apex)
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    Post More and more disappointed with Samsung and yakjuxw

    On the German Samsung site there was for a while an official download which changed from ITL41F.i9250XWKK8 (yakjuxw) to ITL41F (yakju). In principle it was a automated Odin Update. Later they removed it (probable to much problems with unexpierenced user). Search on the web for it, maybe you find...
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    Post [GNEX TOOLKIT V11.1.0] Drivers, Backup, Unlock, Root, Recovery, Flash + MORE [GSM]

    Did get Fastboot to run Did exactly all these things but didn't any success. When SNG is booted I get connected in adb mode. GNex Toolkit also show SN. But when I try to go into fastboot PC always looks for "Android 1.0" but didn't find it. GNex Toolkit didn't show anything. Tried it on 3...
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    Post DropBox OR Box

    I use both. Normally prefering Dropbox but mobile version are light years behind desktop version. In principle mobile version is not usable.
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    Post [Q]What does AOSP and AOKP mean?

    AOSP = Android Open Source Project -> Google leaded project for Android -> AOKP = Android Open Kang Project -> commonly used custom ROM (ICS Android 4.x) based on AOSP
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    Post Restoring system application

    If you have Titanium Pro backup than probably you will use the widgets on your launcher. SMS should be in backup. I would do another backup beforer flash, so that your data backup is fine
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    Post A warning to all German GS2 owners! Do not get the recent firmware update!

    Flash it with ODIN. Runs perfect. Best firmware ever. Flashed it > 10 SGs2's, rooted or none rooted, without any problems. Sent from my GT-I9100 using xda premium
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    Post [ROM] I9100XWLA4 [17.01.2012][Android 2.3.6] Germany

    Up to now I have updated 9 SGS2 (rooted and not rooted) with the latest Debitel rom (2.3.6 DBT I9100XWLA4 I9100XXKI4 I9100DBTKH1). Either with Odin or MobileOdin. I used the images from Intratech's thread, so that all roms were updated and not new installations. With none of these 9 SGS2 I had...
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    Thread [Q] Download mod did work anymore?

    I have GT-P7500, 3.1 stock + Root/CWM according Now I want to go into download mod by pressing "power on" + "volume down" but nothing happens. Any ideas how I can get into Download modus? Thanks.
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    Post [APP] Delayed Lock

    Hm, tried that before and on display I get HH:07. Maybe a bug in DelayedLock? But found in your referenced link that kk:mm should works. And it does:-)
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    Post [APP] Delayed Lock

    Time format on Simple Lockscreen How do I set Time format on Simple Lockscreen to European format like 18:10? I set time format to hh:mm but that is only the limited US format. Any ideas? Thank you
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    Post [ROM+Guide] Official i9100 Firmwares LPE/Q/7/2/F/S/4/7/G/9/W/D/F Download

    DBT = Debitel is a communication provider in Germany. Because Debitel offers contracts for all 4 German network carriers its firmware is optimized for all 4 German networks. Debitel has replaced the official generic German XEG. In fact I never saw a firmware XEG. It also has no provider...
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    Post [ROM+Guide] Official i9100 Firmwares LPE/Q/7/2/F/S/4/7/G/9/W/D/F Download

    Intratech please can you add new DBT firmware: I9100XWLA4-I9100XXKI4-I9100DBTKH1. ( Thank you.
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    Post [APP] Check Fus 2.0 - The firmware checker. Make you are up to date!

    LuffarJoh can you please support and add GT-P7501 and GT-P7511 to CheckFus Pro Tool? These are the two minor hardware modified versions of GT-P7500 and GT-P7510 for German market (because of Apple dispute). Thanx.