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    Thread How to revive a dead note 7?

    I am one of those who suffer the continuous reboots, bootloops etc, and the other day was impossible to use the mobile with normality. Decided to turn it off until Samsung's collect. Problem, I have personal data within that I should like to save and today I decided to turn on the phone, and to...
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    Thread Can I update my 810? And... Can I Multiwindow anything?

    Hello. I have just rooted my 810 (9'7") but I have doubts. Can I update by OTA my tablet? Will be it in loop if I do that? And another question is if I can use multiwindow with any app. How?
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    Post [ROM] Official AOKP [4.3 & 4.4] [d800,d801,d802,vs980]

    How can I disable "tap to wakeup" in this rom?
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    Post 5.1.1 LG G2 VanirAOSP L51 Branch - Lollipop Based ROM CAF Builds

    It was in landscape, sorry. I have fixed it upgrading DPI (>400)
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    Post 5.1.1 LG G2 VanirAOSP L51 Branch - Lollipop Based ROM CAF Builds

    I cant see navbar in portrait mode... why?
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    Can I install Xposed framework in this rom? Thanks
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    Post [ROM][KK][Jan 18] -=- CloudyG2 2.2 -=- [All Variants]

    I am looking for some help to set ONLY 2g in network settings. When I put that mode, it reverts to 2g/3g automatically after some seconds. How can I fix it? Thanks.
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    Post [ROM] [AOKP 4.4.x] [FLO] (Official) Android Open Kang Project

    what kernel may i use in this rom to UC the cores? i cant with the stock.
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    Post [Unofficial][Bumped]SlimLP Beta Builds 8/7/2015[D80X/LS980/VS980]

    What kernel with UC without bootloop can I use for this rom? Thanks.
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    Post [KERNEL] Furnace-2.5.1 for CM/AOSP/LG ROMs [D800/1/2/3/LS/VS980/F320K][9/26/2014]

    Is it valid for stock 4.4.2 or only for 4.2.2?
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    Post [Kernel] 4.4.2 [Stock Rom] SimpleKernel v6 [D80x/LSVS980/F320] [7-05]

    Does it have the possibility to underclock the minimum frequency? thanks
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    Post Looking for more uses in QuickWindow Case

    Here you have, and sorry for the delay of my response http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2622144
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    Thread Looking for more uses in QuickWindow Case

    Hi there. I have just configured my case to show notifications in the area of the case when i wake up the screen but i am looking for something more. Is there any tutorial or way to show the entire SO by this window? like a smartwatch, because with this size is enough for me to check emails...