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  • hey what is flash how do i do it and thank you so much for your help like your helping me out i will do the same by donating bro :p
    hey i just got lg incite out of the box and i want to get windows 6.5 i need some steps on how to install it plz help me out what is the first thing i need and the last thing i need
    Yes. I think I know how to fix install+music problems. I still have to see for a2dp.
    Btw, why do you send half of the messages as PM and the other half as "visitor messages" ? (I prefer pm if you don't mind).
    No, by definition, a bricked phone is not flashable anymore.
    It seems that the flash tool you're using doesn't erase nv2 (there's an option in lgmdp to choose whether you want to erase it or not)...
    good job man. Um... I can't do it til' i have access to the kitchen or else it will be pointless to do it cuz u can't flash it. I will work on it now and when the kitchen is released I wil ask spocky on how to do it.
    Yes isee it. You should add the link, because its hard to find groups http://forum.xda-developers.com/group.php?groupid=75 And do you know a way i can do it now, because i want to have my Own Costume Load screen. :) Unless you can do it for me. That would be better. A few hours. wow thats fast, You most be good at it. I should learn. BTW Im about to make a video and post it on Youtube of how to flash a rom for does who dont know how and How the new 6.5 is and how it looks :)
    And also Please if you make the 6.5 ROM take out the ATT splash screen, i have t-mobile, so idk, im fine withit but would rather not have it. Is there a way for me to costomise it TO say T-MOBILE WEN'S VERSION(AFRICA)
    Oh ya, you should install Vzo chat on your phone to get Video calling, it looks great on the HD, but sucks on the incite, dont know why.
    How long do you think it would take you to make one, and I just hate how wide it is because it doesnt feel right at hand. But its okay, just i like the way it look in that other picture you had before, the beach, the black outline. And Best of all the honeycomb. And the Hd is bad with connection. Oh and when is he going to release the kitechen, and are you running the Clean Rom right now.... how much memory do you have.
    Click on the Top where is says user CP, and there. The will be a control panel and go thro it and you'll see A place to change your avator and your sig. And if you want to add information about you. yo click on your name where it says on the top welcome and then before the visitor notes you'll see A tab for about me and click there and edit. And i already have that ROm installed
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