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    Post Keep Galaxy Buds or IconX 2018s?

    I was thinking of doing the same. Sell the buds and put some money in my pocket but after some YT review videos and feed back I decided to try them and I'm glad I did. I'm keeping them. They're small, light weight, have plenty of features, sound great and are very convenient.
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    Post Import objects to 3D scanner

    No clue but the only way I was able to scan my kids was to install the original installer of the 3d app and then turn off data and wifi so it wouldn't connect to Samsung and request the update.
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    Post Import objects to 3D scanner

    No more facial / people scans. This option was removed with the update. Even now I can't completely scan an object as it fails mid way through. Hopefully they will update it again so it's more stable.
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    Post Buying the Note 10+

    Couldn't you just get the phone on a payment plan, pay the first month as normal and then make a full payment on the second month? I'm with TMobile and they let you make extra payments to bring down you eip (equipment installment plan) balance. Just pay it off, I have done this on prior phones.
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    Post Problem with Polarized sunglasses

    Yeah I have aura black on the back and aura glow on the front lol
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    Post Note 10 + charging status

    Yes, omg, I need to turn this off too. Even if it does shift over a couple pixels it will cause burn-in in that general area. This is a no-no
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    Post USA Note 10+ Pre order Waiting room

    My phone, buds and 2 batteries all have the same tracking number.
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    Post USA Note 10+ Pre order Waiting room

    Mine says out for delivery too. Apparently I'm. Getting everything I ordered. Phone, buds, 2 battery banks
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    Post USA Note 10+ Pre order Waiting room

    I just got another email stating that my battery banks have aslo shipped via FedEx. My order has shipped complete. Getting my phone and earbuds Wednesday and my batteries Friday. Happy guy here
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    Post USA Note 10+ Pre order Waiting room

    Me too. Help bring down the cost of my device. Keeping one of the battery banks tho, I got two)
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    Post USA Note 10+ Pre order Waiting room

    Omg my phone and earbuds shipped via FedEx!! Delivery on 8/21
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    Post 256GB Micro SD Samsung promo?!

    I'm getting the 360 camera and the SdCard with the wireless charger (already approved). I took advantage of tmobile's BOGO free deal on the N8 so I got two. Hopefully they don't run out of the 256gb card!
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    Post Tmobile forcing me to pay off my Note 7

    Is it that the credit for the first N7 you turned in hasn't applied yet to your account? I had an $871 bill on tmobile till yesterday because the credit for the first N7 I turned in didn't apply. I went to the store, they made a phone call and my bill is down to $90. All I have on my account now...
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    Post What if I kept the Note 7 for say... 6 months. Could I still return it?

    Exactly my thought, when was the last reported N7 flame up? Only thing making me thinking of jumping to the S7 edge is the gear Vr... But not enough to make me want to give up my N7v2... I haven't heard a single recent problem... Anyone else?
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    Post Who is keeping their Note 7 v2?

    What's the name of the update app you froze?