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Recent content by Rman666

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    Post [ROM] [UNOFFICIAL] [Android 11] crDroid Android v7.2 for S20 (SM-G985F / SM-G986B / SM-G988B) [UPDATE: 06/02/2021]

    Hello Dev, Great work (y) What about the camera for the G988b ? Thanks a lot 😘
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    Post [ROM][10.0][S9/S9+][OFFICIAL] Evolution X | Quantum [24/09/2020]

    Thanks a lot for your hard work, download OTA in progress :good::D
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    Post [ROM][10.0][S9/S9+][OFFICIAL] Evolution X | Quantum [24/09/2020]

    great Rom with White-Wolf 17 Los :good::good: Good batery too :D:D Thanks dev for your hard work :good::D
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    Hello Dev, if you need a tester with a S9+, you can ask to me ;) ;) have you find a solution for V1 to download languages ? Thanks a lot in advance ;) :good:
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    I'll test today, and report you after Ok, good Rom with viper, smooth, but problems with restaured datas from Google and Samsung :( But work great ;)
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    Post [Discussion] Android 10

    thanks a lot ;);):good:
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    Post [Discussion] Android 10

    I have a rooted device Exinox, with Q beta 2 ( custom Rom ) how to update beta 3 with TWRP ? please ;)
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    Post [9.0|PIE][SEMI-GSI]Pixel Experience 9.0 V3 [NOTE9/S9/S9+]

    I don't know why, but I follow the steps to installing this rom, and nothing :confused: :confused: Bootloop I made a full wipe, DATA too, flashing Rom and Kernel, and nothing :crying: My phone : S9+ 256Go , and come from a custom rom
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    Post [ROM][14.09.2018][8.1.0][ARH6]NEMESIS N9 V3.0

    You are the best :D :D I'm a flash addict :D :D